Friday, June 15, 2012

SAT 6/16: Walk for Charity (and Free Food)

10:30am tp 6pm
6th Annual Anna's Walqueria
from Anna's Taqueria, 1412 Beacon St, Brookline (near Coolidge Corner)
to Anna's Taqueria, 242 Cambridge St, Boston (Beacon Hill/MGH)
to Anna's Taqueria, 84 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT campus)
to Anna's Taqueria, 822 Somerville Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)
to Anna's Taqueria, 236A Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)
to Anna's Taqueria, 446 Harvard St, Brookline (near Coolidge Corner)

Of the potential activities for the weekend, you might want some time to think about this one. Boston's favorite burrito chain wants you to help them give money to The Home For Little Wanderers.

They'll give $5 for everyone who shows up tomorrow morning and $5 more for every other location you visit with the crowd. Your incentive is free food and drink at each stop as well as raising funds that don't come out of your pocket. (It is okay to leave tips for the workers serving you along the way.)

It's a nice twist on the corporate donation if you think about it. They want to give money to charity, and they want their patrons to help.

It is going to be a walk, but the loop is about 13 miles. There's a burrito at the beginning and snacks (chips/salsa/guac, taco/small cheese quesadilla) until you get another burrito at the 6th stop along with a coupon for a free burrito. Can you eat Mexican food all day and walk half of a marathon?

Even for orphans...?

It would be nice to let them know you're coming on Facebook.

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