Saturday, December 29, 2012

12/29: Almost Back from my 'Fishing Trip'

I can imagine that most are not expecting much from me lately, but I still want to do something helpful here.

The last week has been a blur -- and not what I'd call a relaxing vacation. I've realized that I can't get much done at the Chili's before I get on my flight, so it's Bloody Mary time. Happy Saturday!

If I was in town, I'd probably go see Andrea Gillis at Toad (Free) or Mieka Pauley at Johnny D's ($10). (Two great singers, and my heart is in Camberville...)

Cross your fingers for me, so I can uncross them to type faster. Let's do a last-minute NYE post or two in the next day for those who feel like venturing out, then have a kick-ass 2013.

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