Saturday, February 14, 2015

SAT 2/14: Pre-Blizzard V-Day

I tried checking the events on CTB Calendar and moved/deleted what I could confirm. I'm guessing most of Sunday's fun will be cancelled... There is still fun to be had even though some are fretting over more friggin' snow.


If you've ever wondered about the difference between Chinese New Year and Vietnamese New Year, someone at the Tet in Boston Festival will be glad to tell you.

Just around the corner from the Boston Convention Center, there is a fancy new park where they're having organized winter fun. Yes, you can go tubing in the Common or nearly anywhere else in town for free. At Slope Fest, they have a 70-foot slope for $3/$5 -- and there's a bar...

Somewhere near Kendall Square, a benevolent alien has landed and Earth wants to attack -- at least that is what the play is about...

Later tonight, there is comedy at a brewery, the best Mardi Gras music you can find in the area, and typically awesome music at Toad.

REMEMBER: There is no late-night MBTA service tonight! If you stay out too late, you are walking, cabbing, or spending the night with someone...

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According to an infographic $19 billion is spent related to Valentine's Day, but don't overspend on a fake holiday. I prefer to be normal and express normal affection. It's also Saturday before a blizzard, so it's not a bad night to stay in with a loved one.

Some decent last-minute ideas include:

* Write a note of adoration in 25 words or less. Brevity is forceful, there's less opportunity to screw it up. Make it a haiku for poetic flair. Use some creative paper (and creative doesn't have to be fancy)...

* Why write something when you can use previously-tested literary panty-droppers?

* If none of those don't feel right and you can't find something appropriate on this page filled with love poems, then you have to write something original.

* Just look into their eyes, and say something heartfelt.

* Nick Offerman is rather convincing with his advice.

* Maybe a little image with some text may do the trick.

* SomeEcards has the best cynical messages for this and every occasion.

* Digital valentine candy is fun, low calorie, sustainable, and cheap:

* And did you know you can turn any game into "Strip-[fill in name of game]"?

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