Monday, December 22, 2008

MON 12/22: Songs to Warm You Up

The winter solstice has happened. My head hurts from boozing it up; my ass hurts from slipping; and the parts in between are sore.

Thankfully, I'm alive. I have family and friends. I have food, clothing, and shelter. In general, I'm feeling alright.

Not much cheapness tonight (on the other hand, I've mentioned free Monday bowling at the Milky Way before). If you don't want to run errands -- or you'd like to reward yourself for doing your errands -- here you go.


MON 12/22

Kingsley Flood, Ryan Lee Crosby
at ZuZu!, 474 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

It's not unusual to feel somewhat mesmerized when listening to Ryan Lee Crosby. Don't fight it just like one wants to prove they can't be hypnotized. Just listen to the delicate vocals deliver the touching lyrics over acoustic guitar or piano. Crosby simply generates beautiful songs, and he seems to be a rather prolific writer. These could be a good night to sit in a bar and hear a man baring his soul with a frozen world outside.

I liked listening to Kingsley Flood even though the recordings didn't knock my socks off. I could hear something special going on in the playing. They strip away the flash and keep the substance to make some interesting rock with an Americana tint.

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