Monday, January 05, 2009

MON 1/5: Capoeira, Film w/ Car Talk Guys, Radiohead Tribute

Not tonight's Radiohead tribute, but...
Well, my friends. After a long, debauched New Year's Eve, I hibernated all day and most of the next. When I did start moving again, a couple drinks with friends turned into drunken karaoke. (I wonder if those two words can ever be separated?) I did do a little "cheap thrills" work over the weekend, but not enough. Maybe I'll do well tonight. Maybe...


MON 1/5

Capoeira Gerais Open House
at Boston Ultimate Fitness / Nam Pai Academy, 7th Fl, 33 Harrison Ave, Boston (Chinatown)

Okay, you may be extra vulnerable right now. At the beginning of the year, people get motivated to improve their lives in various ways. Capoeira might seem like a good idea, and you might want to continue after going tonight. Just warning you...

It's the Brazilian martial art that looks a bit like a graceful, acrobatic dance, people sometimes practice in the park. Martial arts + dance = good exercise. You can give it a try for an hour, and see if you have what it takes! (I'm guessing IT = time + money + effort. haha...)


Make sure to wear or bring comfortable clothing and sneakers. A TOWEL and WATER strongly recommended, because you are going to sweat! (If you forget the water, there are vending machines and a water fountain at the gym.)
I saw a while back that there may be a "student discount" available (for you students out there), if you want to continue...

MON 1/5

"A Thousand Clowns" w/ Click and Clack of "Car Talk"
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard Street, Brookline
$9 / $6 children & seniors

Click and Clack, the Tappet Brothers, are definitely the two funniest mechanics on NPR. If they say this is their favorite movie, then it's bound to be funny. It was nominated for 4 Oscars (including Best Picture & Best Screenplay) back in '66, and Martin Balsam won Best Supporting Actor. Apparently, they love this story of a former joke writer who lives life his own way without caring what others think. Of course, circumstances arise...

Real-life brothers Tom & Ray Magliozzi will be on hand to present the program, and I'm sure they'll argue in some way about what makes this a great movie.

It might be a good idea to buy tickets in advance.

MON 1/5

Songwriter Tribute Night: Radiohead
w/ Rose Polenzani, Jacqueline Francis, Ian Fitzgerald, others
at Club Passim, 47 Palmer St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I don't know why Club Passim is so mysterious with the list of performers for their tribute nights. Maybe it's too long of a list, because a dozen or so folks do one/two songs... With a bit of searching, these three names were found. Rose Polenzani is definitely a talent I'd like to hear on any occasion. I heard a bit of Ian Fitzgerald a couple months ago; both he and Jacqueline Francis sound like they really have their stuff together. If the other acts are on par with these three, it will definitely be worthwhile.

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