Thursday, January 08, 2009

SAT 1/10: Ride the T Sans Pants

No pants in Central Sq
3pm to 5pm-ish
No Pants! Subway Ride
Meet at Alewife T Station, approx 135 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge (Fresh Pond)

Unfortunately some spontaneous "flash mob" events don't feel very spontaneous. Last year, Boston's inaugural pantsless T ride was the worst-kept secret in town. Far from a harmless ambush of anarchic fun, there was a throng of police and media that accompanied the whole friggin' thing.

I was running late, and people were already heading to Park St when I got to Alewife. I did see a bunch of pantsless people, and I laughed uncomfortably as I was forced to stand very close to a female participant.

Even though Boston has to get anal-retentive about being wacky, there is still some excitement to ride on the T without pants on. I'm considering giving it another shot this year. Read all the details here, but this is the basic plan:

- Will meet at 3pm inside the gates at Alewife and find the gathering of nervous-looking people.
- Will follow instructions about taking your pants off in between stations (and stash them in a backpack, etc).
- Act normally. Have a some fake answers ready to obvious questions.
- WILL take your pants off.
- WILL wear underwear.
- Can wear something fun but NOT "jokey".
- Won't interact with the other pantless people.
- Should keep your camera hidden, if you bring one.
- Will listen to the police or other T employee, if they tell you to put your pants back on.
- Try to have some fun.

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