Wednesday, January 07, 2009

WED 1/7: Rock, Game Show Fun

Dr. T providing visuals at Great Scott tonight
I'm torn. I was planning on going to Match Game tonight, but then I started re-listening to the bands playing at Great Scott. Good luck, folks. It might be gross, wet, and cold outside; but the days are getting longer.


WED 1/7

the WANDAS, 28 Degrees Taurus, The Holey Moleys, The Crushing Low
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

This is just the best music show of the night. Powerpop lovers look no further, the WANDAS have got it together. The songs are taut, melodic, sonic dumplings; and you won't want to stop! I'd love to see these guys ought to have a great year like Vampire Weekend's ride in '08. I may be partial to the female vocals of 28 Degrees Taurus, but both they and The Crushing Low rock most excellently in a swirl of fuzzy, noisy songs. The Holey Moleys are the "doom-folk" collaboration of two of my favorite musicians Audrey Ryan & Stephen Brodsky (with Steve's brother Matt on drums). They sound great separately, and the demos sounds great. I can only expect multiple flavors of awesomeness from them.

Bands will be playing to visual mixing/projection of Dr. T (see self-portrait above).

WED 1/7

"Match Game '09"
at Milky Way Lounge, 403 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
$5 / 21+

It's a great idea. Take an awesome TV game show that already had meager production values and turn it into a live show. From the comedic minds of Chris Braiotta and TD Sidell (Douchebags at 24fps, Union Square Round Table, more), currently billing themselves as "Butler's Choice", there will be two live episodes of Match Game. Unfortunately I think they've already chosen contestants, but this should be pretty darn funny game of fill-in-the-blank.

The "celebrity panel" looks the same as last month -- still a fine group of local witty & funny people who've performed with Union Square Round Table and Anderson Comedy: Chris Braiotta, Gretchen Gavett, Keira Horowitz, Katie McCarthy, Michael Brodeur (Phoenix music editor, who I hope will be the "Charles Nelson Reilly" tonight), and Al Deaderick (keyboardist of Magic People). TD will be the host, and guitarist Tom Scanlon of The Moonbats will lay down some live guitar soundtrack.

More fun and music will surely follow the games.

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