Wednesday, February 04, 2009

WED 2/4: Talks, Rock, Game Show

St Helena, at Middle East Upstairs
The good news is that: the fire alarm system in my building is working again, I don't have take down the swing in my place, and most of the guacamole & whipped cream has been cleaned up... Happy Humpday!


WED 2/4

Helen Fisher, "This Is Your Brain on Love: Why Him? Why Her?": Discussion
at Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston

Oh, great. Let's try to kill romance! That was my first reaction, but understanding the chemistry of attraction doesn't invalidate all the things large and small you love about someone. After a study of 40,000 men and women, Dr. Fisher claims there are 4 basic personality types that are influenced by physiological brain systems. By the end, you should be able to determine your "personality type" and maybe pick up a few tips for future contentment...

"Seating is limited. Seating passes are available to the general public in the Museum lobby beginning at 5:45pm, the evening of the program. First come, first served."

WED 2/4

Paul Fitzgerald & Elizabeth Gould, "Invisible History: Afghanistan's Untold Story": Discussion
at First Parish Church, 3 Church St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

Husband & wife journalists Fitzgerald and Gould have written a book that includes way more knowledge and insight about Afghanistan than you have.

WED 2/4

The Bright Hours (Midnight), Muy Cansado (11pm), Sera del Fuego (10pm), St. Helena (9pm)
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$9 / 18+

The two bands to watch/listen are Muy Cansado and St. Helena. Muy Cansado rips and rumbles and stomps through songs that convey a kinship to some of the post-punk bands that emerged out of the Boston scene. Check them out and love them. Go ahead and love St Helena too. This is some gorgeous playing on brilliantly written (and throroughly depressing) songs. I listened to "Oh Jane" over and over; it's as if they took the chassis from Springsteen's "Hungry Heart" and gave it a superior engine, body, and paint job.

Stay for The Bright Hours to hear some bare-bones rock 'n roll; I don't know if their unadorned sound is an art-school concept, a political statement, or simply a love for retro, mid-60's American rock. I couldn't get into Sera del Fuego; maybe they explode in concert, but I found the recording slightly repetitive compounded with a bit too much glam-attitude for me.

WED 2/4

"Match Game - Live"
at Milky Way Lounge, 403 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
$5 / 21+

Take an awesome TV game show of yore that had meager production values and turn it into a live show. It's a return to the days when "game show" meant b-list celebrities playing a bawdy game of fill-in-the-blank on weekday afternoons. Replace the b-list celebrities with witty, funny local performers and move it to late night, you're getting close to this show.

They're presenting two live episodes of Match Game -- that's 4 lucky contestants from the crowd have a chance to win "fabulous" prizes! (Probably a Milky Way gift certificate, but that's fabulous.) In previous months, they've shown some video shorts during the intermission.

Thereminist Jon Bernhardt is providing live soundtrack and perhaps performing a medley including bits of "good Vibrations" and the entire middle section of "Whole Lotta Love"...

More fun and music will surely follow the games.

Get there early and enjoy some free candlepin bowling from 6pm to 9pm!


Anonymous said...

I went to the Mid East up show - it one of the better gigs I've seen in a while. St. Helena was great as always - a more mellow set than the last time I heard them, but just as good. Sera del Fuego grew on me steadily and they closed with a couple of really outstanding songs - their singer had great stage banter. Muy Cansado blew me away. They sound a lot like The Pixies, but the songs were so good it I didn't care. I loved their bassist - great feel and backup vocals.

rob v said...

Thanks for the report, Nick! I guess I'll have to give S.d.F. a chance...

Muy Cansado does like The Pixies, but that's said so much I just wanted to imply it... Hey, The Pixies are a good influence in my book!