Monday, July 27, 2009

TUES 7/28: Latin, Folk, Rock

Not a bad variety for a Tuesday night. Sadly I missed out on all of the cheap science/food fun last night as I helped my softball team lose our play-off game... We'll get 'em next season!


TUES 7/28

at Elma Lewis Playhouse, 143 Seaver St, Dorchester (Franklin Park)

Have you had enough free salsa? The kind you dance to...? As usual, it's difficult to stylistically pin down many of the Latin-Jazz/Afro-Caribbean bands that play around town. In truth there's no need to, because it all sounds tremendously good. This is the kind of music that makes you want to dance on a hot, humid night. Or you could just sway on the lawn with some picnic goodies...

With the abundance of music students in the area, we probably have more horn-players per capita than most cities around the country. And that's one of the reasons to have caliente bands with sweet horn sections.

There used to be a decent map and directions on the Franklin Park website, but apparently it was lost in the redesign. The address above is for the best entrance to use by car (the #16 bus stops relatively nearby). Look for the crowd, but it'll be between White Stadium and the rear entrance of the Zoo.

There are a few more Tuesday night events in this series through 8/18.

TUES 7/28

"Down From The Ridge"
at Lizard Lounge/Cambridge Common, 1667 Mass Ave, Cambridge (between Harvard Sq & Porter Sq)
$10 / 21+

Scheduled: Tom Bianchi, Anthony DaCosta, Raina Rose, Trevor & Pickles, Danielle Miraglia, Ryan Fitzsimmons

On the NY side of the Berkshires, the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival took place over the weekend. Since most the performers didn't list this gig, I've extrapolated that it will be a laid-back night of solo performances and impromptu group sings among some very talented folkies.

You can never have enough song even after four days in the woods...

TUES 7/28

Trucker Mouth, Kingsley Flood, Filligar, The Rationales
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$9 / 18+

When one of the top-notch Boston music blogs like Ryan's Smashing Life puts a show together, it's near impossible to hear a bad band. Just go, dig the bands, and soak in the new sounds.

It's pretty clear that "A Night of Twang & Awe" is heavy on the Alt-Country sound, but that term covers a wide spectrum just like Americana. It still use them as reference, but 'twang' gives as much description. (Even though I overused it recently -- and maybe again now.)

Trucker Mouth makes big, loud, crunchy Southern-rock that will probably want to make you throw the goat with one hand while your other is thumb-hooked on a big belt buckle.

There was a spark in Kingsley Flood's first demos, and they've more than delivered the goods since that first listen. This band resides in the 'Americana' neighborhood of my mind. They definitely got a rock engine, but the chassis has got some rootsy touches with a slightly sepia-tinted paint job -- but you can't forget they haul down the road.

Filligar doesn't really fit under 'twang' so much, but there's a little room for awe. There's something very appealing about their energetic, good-natured indie-pop. Throw in the fact that they're three brothers (who all attend Dartmouth) and a family friend who've been playing together since they were kids. Imagine if teen-idols could rock out and it wouldn't annoy you.

The Rationales bring a superb earthy popness to Alt-Country vibe. They remind me of Wilco when they're not screwing around and being avant/experimental.


Nick said...

Thanks, Rob! Hope you can make it tonight, or one of these days.

rob v said...

Dude -- I was waved at the last gig and you totally ignored me...


Nick said...

You're kidding right?

rob v said...

Yeah, I'm a kidder. I was so pissed to be out of town on 7/10.

rob v said...

May be there tonight...