Friday, October 09, 2009

SAT 10/10: Film, Honk, Fireworks, Folk, Rock

Yeah... If all goes well, I’ll hit the HonkFest before I go to a pub crawl in Quincy. It's not going to rain (I hope).


SAT 10/10

at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I really hope that I'll wake up early on the right Saturday morning with sufficient initiative to enjoy “Elements of Cinema”. I don’t care if it’s 11am -- I'll probably have a coke and popcorn.

The monthly series regularly presents a classic or essential piece of cinema like a friggin’ film appreciation class. They’ve shown several that I saw in MY film appreciation course. After more than a year, the selections are becoming less obvious.

I wonder if this is a timely choice to present an early Roman Polanski thriller. I think he’s been in the news lately... The post-screening discussion may take an unusual turn.

Just enjoy the film for its merits (and Catherine Deneuve)!

SAT 10/10

Noon to 9pm
HONK! Festival
Around Davis Sq, Somerville

After work, Banda Roncati from Bologna was playing on the red line. (Those crazy Italians couldn’t contain themselves.) If I were going to choose, this would be the best bet of the weekend.

SAT 10/10 & SUN 10/11

Noon to 6pm
East Boston Open Studios
at Various Locations
at 80 Border Street Cultural Exchange Center

Without ever going to Eastie’s open studios, I anticipate there are some wonderful artists camping on that isolated stretch. (Imagine the genius hiding in Chelsea!) There are frequently interesting exhibits at 80 Border St. I read there is going to be something there this weekend.

Be happy and take the T. If I were you (and I might be), I’d work in a meal too. Almost every week, I hear something about one good restaurant or another... Yelp isn’t a bad place to look for hints.

SAT 10/10

2pm to 4pm
Social Cinema: "Copyright Criminals"
at Rabb Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston St, Boston (Copley Sq)

When does artistic borrowing become stealing? Is it more egregious to steal someone’s ideas or to take a recording and make something new and fresh?

You could wait until this is on PBS next year or see this documentary on sampling and beyond. There is usually a discussion afterwards.

SAT 10/10

4pm to 8pm
"Riverfest 2009"
along the Mystic River waterfront, about 180 Foley St, Somerville (across from the Assembly Sq Marketplace)

It’s nice to see that the developers at Assembly Square do something for the community as the seemingly interminable transformation occurs. (As a Somerville resident, I’m pissed that Good Time Emporium is gone and we don’t have an Ikea. Heck, I’d rather just have Good Times back.)

Family-friendly games, activities, and entertainment might keep you busy until the 30-minute fireworks display begins at 8pm. The proceeds from concessions will benefit dozens of local charities.

SAT 10/10

Bethel Steele, Chris Wilhelm
at Loring Greenough House, 12 South St, Jamaica Plain

"JP Unplugged" presents a series of acoustic concerts in this historic house where the acoustics are supposed to be excellent. It’s an intimate spot with about 40 seats.

I know JP Licks is down the street, but I’m think “two scoops of folk singers” in my head. (I want ice cream right now.) Although I have a hard time believing this woman’s real name is Bethel Steele, she’s got some good stuff. Chris Wilhelm has a clean, earnest style; the songs are catchy and heartfelt.

SAT 10/10

The Glam vs. Punk Extravaganza
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

Feat: Gene Dante & the Future Starlets, The New Alibis, MeAndJoanCollins, The Acro-brats

It’s a beautiful sight that we’re not afraid to appreciate various approaches to good music. Even if they called it a “battle”, it would still be like an extravaganza. When you have two of the best glam-rock bands and two purveyors of punk, the listener wins. (But MeAndJoanCollins may be the best out of the four.)

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