Sunday, June 27, 2010

SUN 6/27: Nerds & Songs

Want to eat, drink, and win a Vespa? If you drink Miller Lite and eat their $1 dippers (sliders with a dipping sauce) at the PourHouse from 4pm to 10pm on the next couple Sundays, you might win a scooter (drawing will be on SUN 7/11). Print this out and you should get 5 more entries...

It's still not too late to eat some barbecue or Greek food for dinner tonight...


SUN 6/27

at Middlesex Lounge, 315 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Sometimes drinking in a bar seems like a fruitless endeavor. Ah, far from it! When looking up from your drink, left or right, you'll see a friend or stranger for some stimulating conversation and philosophical ramblings.

Or in the right bar at the right time is a whole group of nerds talking and listening to a couple others to enlighten us on some esoteric subjects like tonight.

Talk 1:
“That’s What She Said: Creating and Using Personal Narratives”
by Jessica Bitely

History is made by the winners, but sometimes the losers have a lot to say. This talk will explain how the making and use of oral histories can expand our understanding of the past.

Talk 2:
“Welcome to St. Augustine”
by Mary Lewey

Using 5 cameras (film and digital) to explore the history and culture of our nation’s oldest city, this presentation is a documentation of time and place, of old meeting new. Mary is a writer, photographer and bon vivant currently living in Jamaica Plain with her cat, Graham Greene.
Yes, you're destroying brain cells when you drink. Think how much smarter the survivors will be if you're listening to presentations with similarly curious people around you! You might even remember some of this stuff the next day...

SUN 6/27

Wreckless Eric & Amy Rigby (10:30pm), McGinty & White (9:40pm), Matt York (9pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Music fans would fondly remember Wreckless Eric if he never wrote another song after "Whole Wide World". It was punk like Elvis Costello and Nick Lowe (his early label-mates) were punk, but it's one of those enduring songs for a simple, catchy, heartfelt awesomeness. These days, he and his wife Amy Rigby are still making as much rock and roll as an acoustic & electric guitar duo can make.

The high-quality song are reserved for the headliner. Two seasoned musicians named McGinty & White get together to make some seriously melodic tunes. Matt York churns out rough 'n ready Americana like it's him and his guitar against the world.

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