Wednesday, November 03, 2010

11/3 to 11/7: International Pop Overthrow

More Wednesday cheapness is forthcoming.


International Pop Overthrow
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$10 / 21+

Over 5 nights, 30 bands will rock out with their pop out whether it be jangly, fuzzy, punky, rootsy, and/or whatever else as long as making catchy songs under the big tent of classic pop with the posts created by The Beatles, Beach Boys, Byrds, etc. It's generally going to be louder, and that's a beautiful thing.

Much like previous years, the performers do about 30 minutes, so hang in there when one band doesn't tickle your fancy because there is something new (or old) coming up shortly. The Boston edition is a pretty good survey of what could already be a favorite or be your new face.

WED 11/3

7:30pm -- Natalie Smith
8:15pm -- June Millington
9pm -- Eddie Japan
9:45pm -- The Buckners
10:30pm -- Powderhouse
11:15pm -- Lemonpeeler
THUR 11/4
7:30pm -- The Lexingtons
8:15pm -- Ed Hale
9pm -- Suit Of Hair
9:45pm -- Fireking
10:30pm -- The Brigands
11:15pm -- The Varmints
FRI 11/5
7:30pm -- Bird Mancini
8:15pm -- The Beauty & Disturbance Orchestra
9pm -- Fox Pass
9:45pm -- Popfilter
10:30pm -- The Mesmerines
11:15pm -- Watts
SAT 11/6
7:30pm -- Cliff Hillis
8:15pm -- Pleasant Sweaters
9pm -- Hannah Cranna
9:45pm -- The Shellye Valauskas Experience
10:30pm -- The Irresponsibles
11:15pm -- The Grip Weeds
SUN 11/7
7:30pm -- Jason Bourgeois
8:15pm -- Corin Ashley
9pm -- The Destries
9:45pm -- This Blue Heaven
10:30pm -- 1.4.5.
11:15pm -- Dave Rave
As I've said in the past, pick a night and you'll hear at least a few bands you'll like.

The opening night is pretty strong with a rare performance by June Millington of Fanny (one of the first nationally popular all-female bands; you can listen on the iTunes store). Eddie Japan has Eric Brosius of classic Boston band Tribe on guitar for possibly his first of many future gigs.

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