Friday, February 11, 2011

Cheap Valentine Ideas

Until I finish the normally scheduled post, I offer some tips that are basically the same tips as last year.

Do whatever you like this weekend, but I recommend expressing your affection frequently throughout the year.


* Write a note of adoration in 25 words or less. Brevity is forceful, there's less opportunity to screw it up. Make it a haiku for poetic flair. Use some creative paper -- creative doesn't have to be fancy...

* Why write something when you can use previously-tested literary panty-droppers?

* If none of those don't feel right and you can't find something appropriate on this page filled with love poems, then you have to write something original.

* Just look into their eyes, and say something heartfelt.

* Maybe a little image with some text may do the trick -- or send a personalized Flash-based poem.

* SomeEcards has the best cynical messages for this and every occasion.

* Digital valentine candy is fun, low calorie, sustainable, and cheap:

* Get a jug of wine and incense; call it "60s free love night".

* Have a movie night and make up a sexy game -- like "Machete": kiss/strip/naughty-act whenever someone gets it with a machete...

* Have an indoor picnic of any kind. Even if you get fancy stuff, it'll probably be cheaper and no reservation is required.

* When was the last time you gave them a massage?

* Does anyone know if these mutually satisfying lubricants really work like the commercials suggest? I haven't tried it -- yet...

* If you're going to give a present, consider supporting an independent store of any kind (some hints).

* Use feet, a shovel, or spray paint to write a message in the snow. (Warning: It could last for a while...)

* Spread the love, use your heart (and veins) by giving blood together. The need is higher since so many snow days reduced the number of usual donations.

* I like making a mix CD.

* A good, old-fashioned shag is nice any time of year.

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