Tuesday, July 26, 2011

You Ask, I Answer: Bingo?

This is an easy one.

Jessica "asked":

Quick question -- have you been to Rock N Roll Bingo at Bella Luna/Milky Way?

Is it fun?
No, I haven't.

But I did enjoy my bingo when I went to the same game (i.e. same people) at the Model Cafe.

Isn't the secret that you don't have to be old to enjoy bingo?

It's another way to compete with others in the room -- without having to know the longest-running sitcom or being able to hit a double-bullseye.

It's been a while since I've listed it on the front page, but I leave it on the calendar as a regular thing on the last Wednesday of the month.

Before the Milky Way moved, there was another regular bingo night. So JP folks might have an inclination for inkspotting numbers as quickly as possible.

I suspect people are still having fun, and a few people are still winning prizes (like free drinks).

There might even be free cupcakes every now and then...

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