Friday, October 21, 2011

FRI 10/21: Talk, Theater, Rock

Gah! Gah! This is later than expected, and everything looks good in one way or another.

I noticed that I overlooked The Pill tonight, and they're featuring the first live gig for The Sterns in 4 years. It's a good band, and the dancing will be accompanied by good tunes, so that's another option to make your entertainment decision even harder...

If you're into antiques, I did see this offer to save $5 on admission to The Ellis Boston Antiques Show at the Cyclorama this weekend.


FRI 10/21

Amy Stewart, "Wicked Bugs: The Louse That Conquered Napoleon's Army & Other Diabolical Insects": Reading
at Porter Square Books, 25 White St, Cambridge (near Star Market)

Sure, insects can be unpleasant little creatures. The idea that tiny animals have had a major impact on human history is an interesting topic on several levels.

FRI 10/21

"Town Hall Meeting on Media and Democracy": Screening & Discussion
at Room 250, Bldg 10, 222 Memorial Dr, Cambridge (MIT Campus)

Panelists: Brian Stelter (NY Times), Cindy Rodriguez (Emerson College), Sasha Costanza-Chock (MIT), Craig Aaron (Free Press)

Remember hearing about "Page One: Inside the New York Times", the documentary that follows some of the journalists for a year?

Tonight's event will show clips from the movie to spur the conversation about the changing media industry and it affects the democratic process. Yes, Brian Stelter is one of the reporters featured in "Page One".

Audience participation will be "strongly encouraged", and a RSVP is requested.

This is also the opening event of the Social Movements/Digital Revolutions Conference that's taking place on Saturday ($20+).

FRI 10/21 (and SAT 10/22)

"Before The Fame"
at Zack Box Theatre, Downstairs, 8 The Fenway, Boston (Boston Conservatory)

Saturday -- 7pm
This could be a disappointment, but I expect a "musical based on the life & music of Lady Gaga" will be an exciting misfire at worst.

The basement theatre has a limited capacity and it's "Family & Friends Weekend" at the Conservatory, so who knows one's chances of getting in...

FRI 10/21 (thru MON 10/31)

"The Wrathskellar"
at 545 Cambridge St Enter thru Rear, Cambridge (East Cambridge)
$13 or $20 advance / $25 door

Although only the first show was $10, I want to give a shoutout for something above the usual limit. Pay attention from the beginning and you'll pick up clues for the narrative that emerges throughout the show.

I should've posted my review already, but I was left leaving that it was a thouroughly enjoyable theater experience that was well-paced, funny, and sexy.

Far from being a cheesy attempt to scare, it's darker than your average burlesque for Halloween time.

There is a $13 standing room option for the advance tickets.

FYI: I noticed a couple people miss the sign, but you enter around the corner through a little alley behind the building.

FRI 10/21

Mean Creek, Age Rings, Static of the Gods, Young Adults
at Brighton Music Hall, 158 Brighton Ave, Allston
$10 / 18+

This is one of those local music shows where you might feel flabbergasted that all these bands are based around here -- and are still playing venues where you can still see them from the back of the room.

Your opinion may vary, but Mean Creek and Static of the Gods are the standouts here. Whatever it takes to build a following and "making it" to the next level that exists in the music biz, I think they're doing at least with bitchin' songs and great performances. This is big indie-rock, and it's not to late to get on the bandwagon.

Age Rings and Young Adults also kick ass. I wouldn't be surprised if you loved these guys too.

It might be a couple bucks more than $10 (the advance price), but I have bought my tix earlier than the doors opened (8pm tonight) and paid the lower cover...

FRI 10/21

Mellow Bravo (11:45pm), The Grinds (10:45pm), Cask Mouse (10pm), Duncan Wilder Johnson (9:15pm)
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

If you like (or have listened yet) the Boston Emissions radio show, and you didn't go to the Plough last night, Anngelle Wood continues to her celebrate 3rd Anniversary as hostess with the mostest. (Has to be added, no?)

The show has got a nice build-up starting with Duncan Wilder Johnson. While most spoken-word artists feel like cool jazz, Duncan is hardcore metal. After the solid Americana of Cask Mouse, The Grinds are going to take it up several notches as these vets of various garage/punk bands grind it out fast and loud.

The party climaxes with Mellow Bravo's big, bold hard rock. Listening to them makes me think of a more bombastic time in music, but these guys deliver with their heart and soul. If you haven't seen it, there's a clip of frontman walking offstage at this year's Rumble and finishing the song outside on top of a car. That's the glory of rock 'n roll, folks.

FRI 10/21

The Melismatics, I Pistol, Modern Day Idols
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$9 / 21+

Okay, The Melismatics caught me off-guard. I just wasn't expecting to hear a band with a lame name to be so damn good. I had to YouTube a couple live clips, and this power-pop combo is even better in person. It looks like they're the latest awesome band from Minneapolis (and their van has 300,000 miles on it).

The other acts are no slouches either. I would dig I Pistol even if I didn't know one of the guys. This is just song after song of well-crafted, crunchy rock that knows how to add the hooks all over the place. From the ashes of Topheavy comes the Modern Day Idols who will likely have a new slew of catchy tunes.

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