Monday, February 27, 2012

2/28: Free-ish Pancakes at IHOP

Am passing along some info about a free food opportunity.

There could be a Monday post forthcoming. Monday through Wednesday cheapness is on the calendar.


TUES 2/28

7am to 10pm
National Pancake Day
at Participating IHOP Locations
FREE / Donation suggested

Tomorrow is National Pancake Day, and banks & post offices will be open.

For quite a few years, the International House of Pancakes serve about a million free stacks of pancakes. There is one small, non-binding catch...

IHOP hopes that their guests make a donation to support children’s hospitals. It seems like the average donation was about $2.

So really, it's only potentially free. Still when was the last time someone made you a short stack (3) of pancakes? Even with a donation, a beverage and a reasonable gratuity; it's not a bad deal.

There's a limit of one stack per person, and you have to eat them there.

If you're going to the Brighton and Harvard Sq locations, the best #64/#66 bus transfer is near the nexus of Cambridge St, Brighton Ave, and N. Beacon St. Or you can just have one stack...

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