Sunday, January 20, 2013

SUN 1/20: Sunday Night Off-Topic Video

While the Pats win, non-football fans can enjoy Elliott Smith hang out with Jon Brion and Brad Mehldau in 2000. I wish this would've been a long-running TV show.

The HuffPo post had the song list:

1. Son of Sam
2. Independence Day (also accompanied by jazz pianist Brad Mehldau)
3. Bottle Up And Explode (also accompanied by percussionist Dan McCarroll)
4. Everything Means Nothing to Me
5. Waterloo Sunset (a cover of a song by The Kinks)
6. Jealous Guy (a cover of a song by John Lennon)
7. Trouble (Jon Brion performs his own song, and Elliott Smith accompanies him on guitar)
8. Nightime (a cover of a song by Big Star)
9. Happiness

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