Saturday, April 06, 2013

SAT 4/6: Pillow Fight!

Even though I'll likely spend much of tonight preparing for company, I might just procrastinate by elaborating on cheap weekend fun.


Banditos Misteriosos: Pillow Fight 2013
at North Point Park, Cambridge (near Museum of Science)

If someone wakes you on Saturday with a swift yet soft whack on the head, it's a celebration of "International Pillow Fight Day".

Hundreds of people show up for the Banditos' semi-flash mob, and the crowd gets bigger every year.

Arrive before 3pm, and discreetly bring a pillow (un-feathered/non-painful). Wait for the horn, then have some fun bashing anyone with a pillow.

Only play with people that have a pillow, and costumes are encouraged. It's time for a fluffy riot with friends, family, and strangers!

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