Thursday, May 22, 2008

SAT 5/24: Annual GIRLS Conference

Annual GIRLS Conference, May 24
10am to 3pm-ish
Annual GIRLS Conference
at Kotzen Room, Simmons College Main Bldg, 2 Ave Louis Pasteur, Boston (The Fens)
FREE - 18 and under / $10 adults

I have a confession to make.

Contrary to what I've said in certain corners of the Internet, I am not a teenage female... I don't even think any under-18 woman reads this doo-dad that I do. However you might KNOW a young person that would be interested in some empowerment and positivity -- and I'm all for that -- so I pass this along.

This probably wouldn't be my bag if it was a BOYS conference, but you can discreetly leave during transition times if you don't like it. (Btw: G.I.R.L.S. = Growing Individuals Reacting to Life's Struggles...)

Here's part of the official description:

This is an exciting day filled with dynamic speakers, performances and interactive breakout groups that will address issues of importance to girls and the communities they live in. The program will focus on public service and leadership opportunities for young women and girls. Part of our conversation will include the presidential election and ways to get involved in your community. The conference is open to all teen girls and women in the New England area.
I don't know the theme, but I do know the featured speaker will be Cambridge Mayor Denise Simmons, who has an amazing life story.

Keep in mind: There appears to be free breakfast during registration and free lunch... If you can hang for the whole day, there's also auditions for GIRL TV -- from 2:30pm on -- for young women who are interested in producing and hosting the weekly live TV show...

Advance registration is closed, but walk-in registration will be accepted. You can find the printable form (.doc or PDF) here that you should fill out ahead of time and present at the sign-in desk.

I feel something like this wouldn't last 12 years if it didn't help people...

Note: Parking on campus is currently unavailable due to construction, and visitors are strongly urged to take public transportation.

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