Wednesday, May 28, 2008

WED 5/28 to FRI 5/30: Whoa, Canada... (in Boston)

Peter Witt streetcar, from Toronto
I just started writing, and...

8am to 8pm
"Next Stop... Canada"
between Trinity Church & Boston Public Library, Boylston St, Boston (Copley Sq)

The Canadians (not the Canadiens) are in town for the next few days to show us what an awesome place it is. I've always had a good time in the Great White North, and it really isn't that "white" in the summertime. For the next 3 days, a different area is highlighted. If you're in Back Bay, you should definitely swing through. Grab some travel info and freebies. You could take a picture with a Mountie or win a trip.

I couldn't find an official webpage, but I contacted someone at the Canadian Tourism Commission (true!), and they confirmed this is really happening. (some of you might even be able to look out your office window.) Look for the old Toronto streetcar (the photo above) and all the other hubbub. I'm going there tonight and will probably report back.

Wednesday, it's Quebec City. Yes, there's more to Quebec than Montreal. It's a beautiful place (like much of Canada), and it's their 400th anniversary this year. Along with the usual fun, they have a Summer Festival in July that includes days of entertainment and concerts of all genres (some of the big names include: Wyclef Jean, Feist, Primus, Young Dubliners, Secret Machines, Balkan Beat Box, The Bravery, Plain White T's, Calexico, NOFX, etc).

Thursday, the spotlight is on Ottawa. I know it's the capital, but that's about it. At various points today, you might see an Aboriginal hoop dancer, an amazing food carver Chef Armando from their Le Cordon Bleu school, and a shucker from The Whalebone Oyster House, who'll give out free shucked oysters.

Finish the work week on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. Besides street performers and daredevils, there'll be samplings of Niagara wines. And you can get a free picture of yourself in a barrel behind a faux Falls. Sing Loverboy's "Everybody's Working for the Weekend" when you're there; it's like the second national anthem.

I have no problem shilling for Canadian tourism. It's a cool place. (I like even thinking about visiting Canada.) I've noticed an effort over the years by Canada to encourage Bostonians to visit. It makes sense -- we're so close! At the very least, Copley Square is close...


Anonymous said...

It's true, Montreal is only a 5(?) hour drive and it's a city that is a lot of fun to visit. And, Halifax is just a short flight from Logan. I visited both places during my Cantabrigian years and, for sure I enjoyed these respites into a kinder and gentler society.

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