Thursday, May 15, 2008

THUR 5/15: Bikers, Beer, & Rock

Sam Adams Brewery
Abbreviated list today. Don't forget that you can always go to the ICA for free on Thursday nights...


THUR 5/15

about 3pm
Bikers Storm the State House
at Massachusetts State House, 24 Beacon St, Boston
FREE to watch, too late to join this year...

The Massachusetts Motorcycle Association is having its annual ride to the State House as a way to lobby for biker rights. Has this replaced beatings and death threats...? Should be a cool sight, if you're nearby.

THUR 5/15

Township, Handsome Jack
at Great Scott, 1222 Commonwealth Avenue, Allston
$6 / 18+

Believe it or not, Township won the Rock 'N Roll Rumble last year. They'll play 2 sets of their 70's-informed hard rock tonight. (At least that's what they usually sound like.) You should expect some loud, fast, badass-mofo rock from Handsome Jack of Lockport, NY (north of Buffalo, so they're not f---ing around).

THUR 5/15 + FRI 5/16

Noon to 7pm
Drinking Beer for Free -- aka Sam Adams Brewery Tour
at Sam Adams Brewery, 30 Germania St, Jamaica Plain

As part of American Craft Beer Week, the tour hours will be extended to 7pm -- which means you can go after work! It's free, informative, and you get 3 or 4 glasses of beer (or more if you hog the pitchers). The last tour starts at 6pm on these nights. There's going to be a specialty beer added to the tasting (but it seems like that happens on a regular basis), and you'll get a complimentary beer & food pairing guide.

No reservations required.

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