Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WED 5/14: Putin Talk, Rock, a Doc, Bad Art & Burlesque / Free Pool for Ladies

Boston Babydolls
Hey, it's not too late to participate in Bay State Bike Week. (If not this week, I'm going to start riding my bike to work soon...)


WED 5/14

Marshall I. Goldman, "Petrostate: Putin, Power, And The New Russia": Discussion & Signing
at Harvard Coop, 1400 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

What the heck is Vlad Putin doing in Russia? Signs point to him pulling the puppet strings of Medvedev. Marshall Goldman goes into some detail of the last 10 years of Russian politics and energy business that have swirled around Putin (who he interviewed for the book).

WED 5/14

Museum of Bad Art 2: Opening Reception
at Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Sq, Somerville (Downstairs by restrooms)

The art is bad, but in a funny way. Loiter around the bathroom with art lovers instead of pervs...

From Somerville Journal:

MOBA’s Permanent Acting Interim Executive Director Louise Sacco says that, for a piece to hang there, "It has to really be art. It has to be original, sincere, it has communicate something to people, and it has to be interesting."

"What [the curator is] looking for is where something went wrong," says Sacco. "It could be that the whole concept was off. Those could be paintings that have so much symbolism in them, stacked up so deep, that nobody could ever sort it out. Or it might be an experiment, by an artist who knows what they’re doing, but it didn’t work out. But then there’s this other batch of people who have no clue what they’re doing. They’ve got enthusiasm, and sometimes you can practically see the emotion dripping off the canvas, but they have no clue how to execute what they’re trying to do."
WED 5/14

7pm to 9pm
"Today the Hawk Takes One Chick": Screening & Discussion
at Room 120, Bldg 6, 182 Memorial Drive (Rear), Cambridge (MIT campus)

Apparently more than 30% of Swaziland's population is infected with HIV/AIDS, so you can imagine everyone is suffering from it. This documentary focuses on 3 grandmothers who raise their grandchildren due to AIDS-related deaths yet they don't give up on the future generation. Filmmaker Jane Gillooly will be there for discussion afterwards.

WED 5/14

8:15pm, 10pm
The Boston Babydolls (at Ladies Night)
at Boston Billiard Club, 126 Brookline Ave, Boston

Darn. In my delivery trouble last week, I didn't tell anyone that you could get into today's Boston Babydolls show for free. (You had to RSVP by yesterday morning, but you can still go...) Two shows, second show about the same as the first.

Note: Ladies Night is a monthly deal where women play pool for free from 8pm to close.

Free burlesque and plenty on pool-playing women: Single/unattached guys would be idiots not to go... Women of any relationship status can go and enjoy free pool, a burlesque show, and maybe a half-roomful of guys...

WED 5/14

Codetta (Midnight), Stove Bredsky (11pm), The Living Sea (10pm), Cropduster (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)

This is a good bet, if you're in the mood for some heavy rock that doesn't just bash you in the head. I'm already a Steve Brodsky fan, and I listened to all these bands last week when putting the abortive weekly list together. Each band does something interesting. Brodsky has gone from Cave-In to Octave Museum to Pet Genius and now to Stove Bredsky; every time he makes a creative change, it's something worth listening to. Maybe he was getting confused with this guy... :-)

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