Thursday, April 16, 2009

4/18: Cheap -- for Wine-Lovers

1pm to 5pm / 6pm to 10pm
Wine Riot
at Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St, Boston (South End)

I asked the Wine Riot folks for my personal information; they were cool about it; so I'm trying to be cool back. You've probably read other items (Bostonist, The Second Glass, etc), so I'll give you my take:

There's going to be more wines than you can drink in 4 hours, but you can try a good variety to find new favorites and still have a nice buzz. Think about how much money you'd spend at a bar in that same amount of time -- especially if you were drinking wine...

There's a variety of 30-minute sessions if you want to get a little wine knowledge or take a little break.

Wine doesn't feel you up like beer. The Beer Summit is at the Castle, only $5 cheaper, and it's actually sold out.

I'm confident it's going to be less packed than the Wine Expo, and I'm guessing that it'll be as crowded as a Beer Summit (maybe a little more crowded).

The maximum capacity for each session is about 85% of maximum room capacity, and who knows if it'll be full. This is the first year, so who knows... (If you're claustrophobic, half as many people are going to be allowed on Friday night for $65.)

Tickets are available online or at these stores -- it wouldn't hurt to call before you go to buy tix: Bin Ends (Braintree), Cru (South End), Downtown Wine & Spirits (Somerville), The Wine Bottega (North End), The Wine Emporium (South End), Wine Gallery (Brookline). If available, tix will be for sale at the door.

Am I going? Maybe.

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