Wednesday, April 08, 2009

WED 4/8: Film, Art, Lit, Music

Reve Urbain, by Sarah Rossi
We take a break from the Rumble tonight, but congrats to The Dirty Truckers for a well-deserved prelim win last night! Good for them!

There's still some cool tunes a-playing for little dough (didn't check if the advance tix were still available) along with a couple other cheap ideas.

(A bit later then usual, but I think the bare details were listed on the new calendar. Will hopefully have Friday & Saturday stuff on there later today...)


WED 4/8

"In the Mood for Love"
at Harvard Film Archive, Carpenter Center, 24 Quincy St, Cambridge (Harvard campus)

Maybe "Chungking Express" is my personal favorite Wong Kar-Wai film for showing the humor in unrequited love. "In the Mood for Love" explores multiple extra-marital affairs. He not only creates lush, colorful cinemascapes; but he's also a master at capturing the joy and ache of love.

WED 4/8

6pm to 8pm
Sarah Rossi, "Vernissage": Art Reception
at French Library/Alliance Francaise, 53 Marlborough St, Boston (Back Bay)

Sarah Rossi is French painter/photographer that seems to be living in Boston. From what I've seen, I like her work; it reminds me of the Abstract painters of the '50s. From the little I've read, it sounds like she could've been influenced by folks like Rauschenberg or Polock et al; but she's French so I'm proably totally wrong. It's work that you can enjoy the visual aesthetic and feel comfortable in exploring your personal interpretation.

Event is presented in English and French. (Hmm... Doesn't mention RSVP as usual.)

WED 4/8

Harlan Coben & Missy Higgins, "Music and Mayhem": Discussion & Music
at Rabb Lecture Hall, Boston Public Library, 700 Boylston St, Boston (Copley Sq)

This could be an event where you will enjoy it more if embrace the "multi-media" aspect, so hardcore mystery fans will huff during the songs and expat Aussies might throw empty Fosters cans during the reading. Thriller novelist Harlan Coben and singer-songwriter Missy Higgins (who's a much bigger deal back home in Australia) started doing joint appearances about 6 months ago. Coben mentioned Higgins in his book "Hold Tight", and they developed a mutual admiration.

As I understand it, Missy will play some songs then Harlan will read from his latest ("Long Lost"). Of course Q&A's and signings will follow.

WED 4/8

Wild Light, Faces On Film, Arletta
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 advance / $10 door / 18+

I listen to the radio at work to fight the dreadful silence and drown out annoying neighbors. Most of the time, it plays in the background until I hear a fave or something interesting pricks my ear up. Honestly, this happened with Wild Light's "California On My Mind". Sure, it's jangly/poppish indie-rock; but they bring a refreshing take on it. ("Rock free or die, NH!")

The other two bands lean towards the acoustic end of the spectrum. Faces on Film reminds me a bit of the mellow side of Neil Young/Wilco/My Morning Jacket; lots of people like them, so there must be awesome lyrics or something that I'm not catching. Arletta has some Southern roots, and it sounds pretty good.

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