Monday, April 20, 2009

MON 4/20: Marathon, Rock

Happy Patriots Day, folks! There's the Lexington celebrations, but I also enjoy that Somerville lauds Paul Revere and Cambridge gives props to William Dawes.

It also hapens to be 4/20, so if you are wondering what to do at 4:20pm, take a look here...

Not much Monday cheapness that caught my eye, but here you go...


MON 4/20

9am until the last straggler
113th Boston Marathon
from Hopkinton to Copley Sq, Boston
FREE to watch

Thousands of people will run farther than anyone has really needed to run since the Peloponnesian wars... The weather isn't going to be great, but I've enjoyed watching from Comm Ave just a bit after Heartbreak Hill.

Again, I hope someone reading this will bust out of the crowd at Copley Square and run past the winner at the finish line. That would be awesome! Maybe illegal, but still awesome. If someone can find an abandoned racing number on the ground, you have a 99.9% chance of scoring tonight...

I don't know exactly what their deal is, but two friends are doing a 24-hour trip from Portland to the end of the marathon, and they're calling it The Epic Man. If you're hanging out near the finish line, there's a party at the Rattlesnake starting at 1pm.

MON 4/20

Pariah Beat, The Beasts of England
at Charlies Kitchen, 10 Eliot St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

I like maple syrup as much as the next guy, but I like Vermont's Pariah Beat better than their famous sweet, brown tree-goo. Whatever you put on your pancakes -- or you don't like flapjacks -- you will love this raucous cacophony acoustic-gypsy-jazz-blues-gospel-punk. The Beasts of England are loud and jagged, and I like their name suggests they've read a few books (cf. "Animal Farm"). It's scuzzy, reverb-drenched rock with plenty of songs about zombies, etc.

A damn good Monday night show!

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