Tuesday, April 21, 2009

TUES 4/21: Ice Cream, Film, Rock

Did you see me running the marathon yesterday -- oh, it was just a hallucination? Never mind.


TUES 4/21

Noon to 8pm
Free Cone Day
at participating Ben & Jerry's stores

Hey with a little planning, one could enjoy 3 or 4 free scoops of ice cream today (maybe more)... It seems like this is a promotion to introduce new flavors; I swear one of the new ones is called "Elton John's Goodbye Yellow Brickle Road". If you're like me, I think they'll give you a cup instead of a cone.

Dunkin Donuts is giving an iced coffee discount instead of a free drink this year, but 5 cents of that 50-cent small iced coffee goes to Homes for Our Troops, which helps injured veterans build and own a home.

TUES 4/21

"Were the World Mine"
at Room 225, Sloan Laboratory, 127 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT Campus)

Maybe because we at CTB are LGBT-friendly, but the trailer really like a lighthearted, musical romp that challenges biases rather than overly gay film. Sure, it's a musical and a tweaking of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" where a high-school kid turns most of his small town gay... Oh yeah -- and the main character is proudly out-of-the-closet gay high school student.

TUES 4/21

The Lights Out, Logan 5 & The Runners, FishHawk, Hundred Years War
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

Killer music blog Ryan's Smashing Life has put another good show together.

In an alternate universe, this could've been a preview of the Rumble finals on Friday. Logan 5 & The Runners and The Lights Outs were both invited and were in different brackets. TLO made it to the semi-finals, while Logan 5 lost to finals wild-card entry The Luxury. There won't be any competition, but both bands are sure to deliver. The Lights Out have figured out how to write catchy songs over tight, guitar-based power-pop/rock -- without being annoyingly poppy. Logan 5 & the Runners offer more synthiness to the rock, and it's got more of a Brit-rock vibe and swaggering vocals.

Before they go on, you might feel like dancing. Atlanta's Fishhawk makes their Boston debut, and they must be influenced by the club scene. I think some of these guys knew each other in a funky rock band, and now it's way into the electro/synth/pop vein. Hundred Years War claim to be a rock band, but they sound like they want to rock while making you move your ass on the dancefloor.


skemper said...

the yellow brickle road flavor is really tasty! i might have to go get another free scoop of it...

rob v said...

Hmm... I might have to try something other than Cherry Garcia!