Tuesday, April 14, 2009

TUES 4/14: Drinks al Fresco, Frank Talk, Comedy, Pop/Folk

Party at Barking Crab tonight
What can I say? You have to choose between hanging out at The Barking Crab or listen to Barney Frank...


TUES 4/14

6pm at 8pm
"Hit the Deck" Party
at The Barking Crab, 88 Sleeper St, Boston (Waterfront)
My enthusiasm has dwindled for The Barking Crab over the years. It's a great location, and the atmosphere hits the right pitch when the weather is nice. I have noticed that there have been several health dept. violations including moldy tap lines. Of course they have to clean them to pass inspection, but I tend to order bottled beer these days.

I had my first lobster in Boston there, and I recognize there's a bit of a crapshoot to do it again. I'd consider it if I went there tonight -- lobster (1-1/4 lb.) dinners w/ corn and cole slaw are $15. (Cheaper than usual, but similar to deals near Faneuil Hall.) A portion of the proceeds will go to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay along with some charity raffles.

Dude with an acoustic Brian Bergeron will play... One person who most accurately guesses the weight of a crab will win a "mixed crab bowl" ($80!?) per month for a year...

TUES 4/14

Barney Frank: Talk / Q&A
at First Unitarian Society, 1326 Washington St, West Newton

Congressman Barney Frank makes a public appearance in his district, but it's open to all. You're going to get some of the expected "political posturing", but Rep. Frank is a smart guy who usually speaks his mind. He might be one of the people in Congress that actually understand the current financial crisis. You might hear something to help you understand what's going on.

It's probably going to crowded, but it looks like a big building.

TUES 4/14

The Rob Crean Show
w/ Shane Mauss, Dan Boulger, MC Mr. Napkins, The Hush Now
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$7 / 21+

Last It's a comedy show in the format of variety/talk show. Imagine a late-night talk show with various sketches, interviews, and performances, and a "humorous take on the news" segment. Now imagine it being funny...

This is a pretty damn good show. I laughed a lot at Shane Mauss, and he has an original cadnce that adds another layer to the comedy. Dan Boulger is funny. MC Mr. Napkins is hilarious, a very good rapper, and on the cusp of busting on the national scene. (There's going to be videos by Dem T's, but I don’t find them funny...)

Musical guests The Hush Now have got their bright, poppy indie-rock running on all cylinders. Members of the Anderson Comedy troupe will probably perform as well.

TUES 4/14

Maria Taylor, The Whispertown 2000, Ryan Lee Crosby
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 18+

If you're a fan of Azure Ray, then you already know Maria Taylor. She was the half of the group that provided the soft vocals that gave the wispy tunes their special glow. The music continues to spotlight her lovely voice. Taylor suggests you listen to the new CD "in a dark room, with a candle or two with headphones, maybe in the bath, but definitely horizontal." After you get out of the bath, you can listen to her at the club.

Whispertown2000 has a similarly chill sound and female vocals. Ryan Lee Crosby represents for Boston. I'm guessing Crosby will hold the crowd under his spell with his songs and an acoustic guitar.

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