Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Contest: Tweet Will Dailey to get on Cruise Concert

Will Dailey Cruise Concert Contest
Will Dailey & the Rivals head out to sea for a Boston Harbor cruise on FRI 7/31. You can buy tickets for $25, but why not win a pair of tickets with a paltry tweet?

To enter, simply twitter: "@willdailey I want you to sing me a song #willdaileyonaboat".* You have to get twitterin' by SAT 7/25 for a chance to win. (And sorry, teenyboppers -- it's a 21+ event...)

This is could be a fun night without Dailey and band. We're in the midst of Will releasing a series of musical mini-releases known collectively as "Torrent" (at least for Volumes 1 & 2). The new releases have plenty of local references like one volume named "By the Blue Hills" (inspired by Boston in general), and there's a song called "Allston".

All the attention he's getting is much deserved, since his songs are so well-written with equal attention to words and music and radio-ready production. There's a strong vein of poppy folk-rock, yet one can admire Dailey for the pleasant variety.

Even when Will hits the Top-40, I'll still dig his stuff without shame. You can hear an authentitcity in that soulful voice (that I don't really get from irritating punks like Mayer or Mraz). I ran into Will Dailey last year, and we talked for a few minutes. He seems like a genuinely nice guy that we should get behind.

The best thing about a free Harbor cruise is that you feel quite liberated to buy a bunch of drinks when I've saved $50. If you win, "Will will both dedicate and serenade the winner of this contest." So that's kinda cool.

Some don't use Twitter -- like teens -- that's cool. Bottom line: It's free, and you don't have to use it. (I'm dabbling to monitor for cheap opportunities, but I rarely send anything -- yet.) It is a way to win stuff like this, and you'll hear about opportunities if you follow the right feeds, like Paul Pierce...

This is a funny, little promo video:

* I could explain the "@" (you're sending the message to Will's twitter) and the "#" (whatever follows is like a tag you'd find on websites), but you don't need to worry unless you want to be twitterific.

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