Thursday, July 16, 2009

THUR 7/16: Get a Free Candy Bar; Maybe Win a Prizes

"Golden Ticket Giveaway"
at TD Garden (North Station) and TD Bank Boston branches

There are various prizes, but one lucky devil will win a pair of tickets to every event at The Garden for a year. That's Bruins, Celtics, Blazers, concerts, the circus... "Snoopy on Ice"... (if it's there).

At the very least, you might get a free candy bar... There are only 19,600 chocolate bars spread between The Garden and Boston-area branches of TD Bank, and about 500 are prize winners.

IF you get a "golden ticket", you aren't automatically the grand prize winner. You are 1 of 5 finalists however. They'll announce the big winner tomorrow. [official rules]

Update: According to someone I know who works at The Garden, the candy bar crowd was estimated at 20,000!

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