Sunday, July 19, 2009

SUN 7/19: Day Cheapness

What's in the clubs tonight? Nothing that would really shake me by the lapels, if I had lapels. Have some daytime fun, and relax tonight.

There's a Gospel Fest at City Hall Plaza this evening, but I really couldn't get excited about it. If you're a church-going type, some time at this might count instead of getting up early and dressing up...


SUN 7/19

10am to 4:45pm
Open House
at Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston (The Fens)

Hey, it's a free trip to the MFA. You could go on a Wednesday night, but how often do you remember to go? There are two good exhibits to see besides "Titian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice" (which costs extra): Edward Weston photography "Viva Mexico!" and the multimedia salute to music "Seeing Songs".

SUN 7/19

10am to 6pm
Annual New England Sand Sculpting Festival
at Revere Beach, Revere

Tons and tons of sand are brought in for about a dozen or so master sand-sculptors to work their magic. As someone who used to make sand castles with a pail and shells, these things blow my mind.

They've been working on their giant sand works all week, so the actual work should be done. You could walk around today or next week. Under good conditions, I've heard they last for a couple weeks.

I went a few years ago, and it's a bit south of Kelly's -- closer to the Revere Beach stop on the Blue Line. Still, I'd walk up to Kelly's for fried clams and take the Blue Line at Wonderland.

SUN 7/19

11am to 3pm
Community Boating Open House
at Community Boating Boathouse, 21 David G. Mugar Way, Boston (Esplanade)

You could've gone for a free sail in Boston Harbor yesterday, now you can head out on the Charles a little sail. Yeah, it's not like a whole afternoon lounging on the water, but it's a fun diversion -- and free! Hope for a windy day, because it's somewhat anticlimactic on a dead wind day. But you can still get a free sail! Ain't Boston cool?

I've gone to this before, and it's a quick tour of the facilities and a nice little sail on the Charles.

SUN 7/19

1pm to 7pm
Annual Betances Festival
at Villa Victoria:
Plaza Betances, 100 W. Dedham St, Boston (South End)
O'Day Park, 85 W. Newton St, Boston (South End)

Get a taste of Puerto Rican and Latino culture at the oldest & biggest Latin American festival in New England (named after the 19th-century Puerto Rican humanitarian, Dr. Ramon Betances). There will be 'mucho' pan-Latin American entertainment: music, dancing, arts, crafts, food, and a grease pole contest!

I'm sure salsa star Tito Rojas will put on a great show at 6:15pm, but the Greased Pole Contest (aka Palo Encebao) at 1pm near O'Day Park is the highlight of the Betances Festival in my book.

You wouldn't think that a bunch of guys clamoring over a big greasy pole in the South End could be eventful, but it is exciting to watch... You'll cheer, you'll groan, and you'll be amazed people will get that dirty. The food and music are close by.

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