Monday, July 20, 2009

Free Movies

Like the Google calendar, a set of "ongoing cheap fun links" is in the pipeline.

Since the Boston Public Library has a film series (or two) over the next couple months, I might as well start with "Free/Cheap Movies".

This page will be updated and enhanced as time goes on. When it falls off the front page, I'll link it to the right side and probably change the format as time goes by.

I don't always check it, but I've noticed that Joe from Somerville does a good job of keeping up with free films in the Boston area on his Google calendar.

These may or may not make the main list (see "Tommy" tonight!), but it is free air conditioning...

Last Updated: 9/8/09

(Wow, this is woefully out-of-date! I'm taking it off the front page for a day or two...)

* * * ONE-OFFS * * *

TUES 9/8

"O Outro Lado da Rua (The Other Side of the Street)": Screening
at Regent Theatre, 7 Medford St, Arlington

As part of the continued Independence celebration, you can watch this thriller in the mold of Hitchcock's "Rear Window".

* * * MONDAYS * * *

* * * THURSDAYS * * *


lady_anemone said...

Maybe you know about this already, but free movies in the Boston area are pretty well cataloged in Joe's BFF (Boston Free Films) Calendar, hosted on Google. He includes theaters, libraries, senior centers and outdoor showings. I usually look at both of your offerings before I make a call. If you're interested, here's the link:

Thanks for all that you do - I have mad love for your listings, especially everything that's free! No more sitting home alone, wishing I had something fun to do!

lady_anemone said...

Oops, you do already know about Joe! Sorry about that.

Callie Durbrow said...

Cool info, thanks for that post about the free movies!

rob v said...

Yes, Joe is great! (and I provided a link as you noticed...)

I just do my thing, and this is the first of several posts to come -- like "Free Music" and "Free Art".


Not Gross said...

Thanks for all the linkage love.

Joe and his BFF