Wednesday, July 01, 2009

WED 7/1: Drinks, Books, Bands, Comics, Harborfest

Sometimes I wonder if I have too many items on the Cambridge side of the river, I guess there are days like this to keep things balanced.


WED 7/1

7pm to 9pm
"Drinking Liberally" w/ Michael Flaherty
at Globe Bar, 565 Boylston St, Boston (Back Bay)

City Councilman Michael Flaherty might have the best chance of beating Menino, because he's slightly different and looks somewhat similar. He's a seasoned politician from Southie, so he should be able to handle a room full of drunks. He might even say some things that will get your vote for mayor. (In case you're wondering Sam Yoon already talked to the group in April.) They're meeting upstairs where you can see the blue balloons.

There's another political drinking mixer at 28 Degrees from 6pm to 8pm where they'd like a small donation to go to progressive candidates/causes.

WED 7/1

Larry Tye, "Satchel: The Life and Times of an American Legend": Reading
at Harvard Book Store, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

From the documentary I've seen, "Satchel" Paige was a more complicated personality than Jackie Robinson -- and even more talented. It's a fascinating story.

WED 7/1

Hands & Knees (11:20pm), Guillermo Sexo (10:20pm), Miniboone (9:40pm), Big Big Bucks (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$8 / 21+

There's a bunch of pretty cool indie-rock happening in one place tonight. I like that Hands and Knees give their relatively straightforward songs a punky spirit with a dash of twang; it's like a rock equivalent of a killer barbecue sauce -- you recognize some of the ingredients, but the secret is in the portions and preparation. Guillermo Sexo starts out with a cool name, but I haven't jumped on their dark, noisy psych bandwagon yet.

Miniboone surprised me with their track "Gimme Gimme Gimme"; I was expecting a jagged indie-pop cover of the Black Flag song, but instead it was an original with chimey guitars over a gentle rhythm with loud choruses. (Nice work, guys.) The Big Big Bucks actually sound better than I remember from the last time I listened; something bothered me, but they've got moments of pop sweetness in their messy rock.

WED 7/1

Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights, Highly Personal Trash, St. Claire, Kingsley Flood
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$7 / 18+

The line-up is rockin' at Great Scott too, except the songs are more prominent with guitars aren't as fuzzy as above. Shoney Lamar & The Equal Rights have a good mix of folky, bluesy rock that reminded me a bit of G Love without as druggy vibe. Shoney plays guitar with Highly Personal Trash that centers around the music and crisp, clear vocals of singer-keyboardist Sophie Innerfield.

St. Claire was formerly known as Forsythe. (I hope the name change was not influenced by my snide comments a few months ago.) The Forsythe siblings still play with Amelia (singer from Mr. Sister) and they still do a sweet folk-noir sound.

Definitely get there on time in case Kingsley Flood goes on first. They do a good job of making a vibrant rootsy racket and kicking it up a notch with full rock dynamics.

WED 7/1

The Naked Comedy Showcase
at ImprovBoston, 40 Prospect St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Naked Comedy Showcase takes place the first Wednesday of every month, but I think it's best to go when the weather is warm, at least it's best for male performers. Comedians of both genders will entertain you beyond the gimmick.

The naked comedy has actually been going on for about 4 years, so there must be something to it... And remember these are comedians, not exotic dancers.

WED 7/1 (thru 7/5)

Various Times
Boston Harborfest
at City Hall Plaza and other spots around Boston
Many under $10 or FREE

Maybe I'm getting jaded or maybe there are fewer special events, but much of the weekday stuff seems like it happens even when it's not Harborfest.

Sure, there's patriotic/historical info-tainment that mainly caters to tourists, but residents could take advantage of the available tours, presentations, reenactments, etc -- most of which repeat on multiple days (or everyday) around the downtown and surrounding areas.

If you have to occupy a young kid, today there's a bunch of activities and entertainment (like Fly By Night and Wayne Potash) at City Hall Plaza from 10am to 3pm.

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