Monday, November 23, 2009

TUES 11/24: Yo-Yo, MJ, Jazz, Rock

At this moment, I have nothing on my ming except turkey-eating on my mind. Well, I also envision oyster dressing, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole on the plate... I bought a bird last night which is earlier than usual. (Am crossing fingers that I won't have a frantic defrosting moment on Thursday morning.)

Update: I added the gig at The Plough & Stars, 'cause it should be a good one.


TUES 11/24

Duncan Yo-Yo World Tour: Demonstration & more
at Brookline Courtyard Marriott, 40 Webster St, Brookline (Coolidge Corner)

I like to watch fancy yo-yo tricks, and I can't be alone. If you're doing something else, you could swing by the Courtyard Marriott... For the 80th anniversary of the Duncan Company, they're sending "yo-yo pros" to dazzle the masses and teach them how to do some tricks.

Nearby shop, Eureka Puzzles, is hosting the fun so there's a good chance that yo-yos may be for sale.

TUES 11/24

"Michael Jackson: A Work in Progress"
at David Friend Recital Hall, 921 Boylston St, Boston (Berklee / Back Bay)

I didn't find out anything besides the blurb, but it could be quite interesting...

Students in the Advanced Theater Scriptwriting workshop will do a staged reading of the script they are preparing for the spring musical, Michael Jackson: A Work in Progress.
TUES 11/24

Dario Pinelli Trio
at Johnny D's, 17 Holland St, Somerville (Davis Sq)
$10 / 21+

When you see someone playing the same guitar type as Django Reinhardt, it's not an accident. It's going to be gypsy-flavored jazz. Reinhardt lived in France, but the "Romani" are hardly strangers to Italy. On two guitars, stand-up bass and vocals, this is top-notch stuff.

TUES 11/24

John Powhida International Airport, Ice Dragon, The Invisible Rays
at Enormous Room, 567 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$5 / 21+

This should be a fun and weird little show. It has to be a little show, because the room is far from enormous. (The couches are quite comfortable, the dim lighting is relaxing.) John Powhida has always been a crowd-pleaser whenever I've seen him. Since doing his solo project full-bore, it's still quite rocking (and I think I hear some Rundgren-esque touches).

Ice Dragon claims they're going to do their psychedelic thing acoustically tonight. Maybe the instrumental rockers Invisible Rays and Powhida International Airport may tone it down for the venue. (On the other hand, they often have DJ's and dancing up there.)

Have you been to the MFA recently? Besides John P., some of the other musicians may look familiar.

TUES 11/24

Tony The Bookie Orchestra, Headband, Evil Bill, Man Alive
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$8 / 18+

It's a night of country-rock and garage-rock, and the lines are somewhat blurred. I've really come around on Tony the Bookie Orchestra over the past year and fully embraced their kick-ass, country-tinged pysch-rock. They're my favorite band on the bill. Although Evil Bill's noisy, minimalist garage-rock with nihilist lyrics is very compelling. Headband seems garage it up with laid-back riffiness. Man Alive is supposed to be a country/rock outfit with some members of this band.

TUES 11/24

Quilt, The IOA, Audrey Ryan
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

Whoops, I missed this one. Hanging out at the Plough* is wonderful, and the music is free on most nights. It's a night to prick up the ears with some experimental sounds like the folky, primal, psychedelic Quilt and The IOA who do a funky, afrobeat/rock blend. The singer of IOA told me he's going to Burma/Myanmar for 2 months -- crazy! The amazing Audrey Ryan will cap the night, so you can hear her music in your strange dreams.

* When people ask me about my favorite Irish bar, this is the answer.

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