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Goldstar Pick o' the Week: Bastille Day Party

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After our Independence Day, we can celebrate the beginning of the French Revolution -- 13 years after 1776.

There are plenty of free/cheap French events this weekend such as...

THUR 7/12:

At the Beehive's Bastille Day Fete, you can party with a gypsy-jazz band and what I assume to be a DJ.
SAT 7/14:
The Occupy Boston movement is seizing the symbolism with an art fair at Spontaneous Celebrations that moves to Southwest Corridor Park for picnicking, protesting, performances and assembly.

The French Consulate is hosting a 21+ 'official party' at the Cyclorama for dancing with a French DJ (and maybe projections of Jerry Lewis movies).

We don't know the exact cover charge, however the annual Bastille Day A-Go-Go at Precinct is a fun night of NOLA-style R&B and will include a homage to Serge Gainsbourg this year.
SUN 7/15:
Almost every year, there's a street festival with food and music in Harvard Square.
If you want to party a la Francaise on Friday, I suggest the Bastille Day bash that the the French Cultural Center has presented for almost 40 years.

Admission is slightly over $10, but this is an event I've been wanting to list for a long time. The folks at Goldstar are offering a good discount, so I'm bending my rules. They offer various 50% (or more) discounts to a variety of events like theater, comedy, music, etc -- even paintball.

Yes, you have to register. And they send emails on a regular basis -- but you can read/delete them as you like. I suggest reading them more often than not, because some early-bird discounts provide almost free admission.


FRI 7/13

6pm to 11pm
Bastille Day Party
at Marlborough Street, between Berkeley & Clarendon St, Boston (Back Bay)
$18 Goldstar price (vs $32 advance or $35 door)

Feat: Diblo Dibala & Sarazino

Despite a plethora of Bastille Day festivities (that may be disproportionate compared to the local French population), the French Cultural Center's annual fete feels like the most authentic.

You don't need to speak the language of love, but don't be surprised if may think you're wandered into Canadian territory when it's really a picturesque section of Back Bay blocked off for an evening of music, dancing, food, and drink.

The main event is the music that is Francophonic yet thankfully far from cheesy French pop.

Master guitarist Diblo Dibala leads a Congolese dance band that ensures a good time every night based on this video. Sarazino is a funky little multi-genre project of a globe-hopping Algerian who currently hangs his hat in Ecuador. Most of the lyrics are in French too, but I heard a little Spanish and English as well.

Based on the end time, these bands will probably start around 8:30pm or 9pm.

Beer, wine, and French food will be for sale. You'll have a few extra bucks in your pocket if you get your tix in advance.

If nothing above tickles your fancy, McSweeney's has some great tips for a home Bastille Day party.

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