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SAT 7/14: Sand, Africa, Bastille Day, Water, Music, Theatre

"Jour Heureux De Bastille, mes amis!"

We don't storm prisons any more, but people camp out and protest in other ways.

Have a great weekend!


SAT 7/14 (and SUN 7/15)

Various Times
Annual New England Sand Sculpting Festival
at Revere Beach, Revere (closer to the Revere Beach T)

In my opinion, the sculptures can be hit-or-miss on an aesthetic level. Still it's amazing to see what 14 sculptors from the US, Canada, and Mexico with 10 tons of sand in a 18'x18' area over a total of 24 work hours.

At this point they've made quite a bit of progress to their projects.

In the past, their creations can still be seen (in some condition) for a few weeks, but the next 3 days includes sand sculpting lessons for kids and entertainment at various times as well as fireworks on Saturday night (9pm).

The action is closer to the Revere Beach T Station, and it's a reasonable walk to Kelly's...

SAT 7/14

9am to 8pm
3rd Annual African Festival of Boston
at City Hall Plaza, Boston (Govt Center)


I doubt every country and ethnic group from the continent will be represented, however this is likely to be the largest gathering of Africa's cultural diversity in New England.

Musicians from all over the continent will play such as Cape Verde, Congo, Guinea, Kenya, Morocco, Rwanda, South Africa, Sudan, and Uganda. And they mean *from* these places.

I don't know what's happening at 9 in the morning; I assume an array of food and crafts will be available.

SAT 7/14

Bastille Day Art Fair: The Art of Revolution
at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth Street, Jamaica Plain
at Southwest Corridor Park, about 100 Boylston St, Jamaica Plain (outside Stony Brook T)

1pm to 4pm -- Spontaneous Celebrations
4pm -- Corridor Park
Feat: Licious, Dust Clouds of Mars, Theater of the Oppressed, more

The sequence of events is not very clear. I assume most of the art is taking place indoors during the first 3 hours, which includes an exhibit of protest art as well as demonstrations. The bands and theater performances may also take place at Spontaneous Celebrations. Maybe also the lectures on Bastille Day, the French Revolution, and Haiti & France.

There should be some art and music at the park before the Occupy Boston general assembly at 5pm. Feel free to bring a picnic. Since historic one-percenter Marie Antoinette said, "Let them eat cake", expect some cake to be served.

SAT 7/14

Water Gun 2012: "See Something, Spray Something"
Location: TBA


It had been on the CTB calendar for a while, and I tried to tell you yesterday. You might still be able to register for Banditos Misteriosos' 5th annual Water Gun Fight. The response email will tell you where to go.

There is a different theme every year, and participants will be split up according to the 4 main colors of the MBTA: Red Line, Green Line, Orange Line, and Blue Line.

Grab your watergun, a couple plastic bottles filled with water, and dress in one of the colors. Then get wet with hundreds of strangers.

SAT 7/14

Rippin’est Town Rally #8 - BBQ & Awards
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$10 / 21+

Feat: The Diamond Mines, Riki Rocksteady & The Arraignments, Matt Charette, DJ Panda

After today's (free) scooter ride at noon from the HoJo to Castle Island (and back), awards are given for 'best Vespa', 'best Lambretta' and so on. If you didn't go on the ride, it might be weird to show up between 6pm and 8pm during the BBQ/awards -- but no one is going to stop you.

The music should start around 9pm. I still couldn't find a good web page for guitarist/accordionist Matt Charette, but I assume he'll open up with the kind of acoustic music he plays with Dave Wells. Fantastic ska from Riki Rocksteady and and some of my favorite punky powerpop from The Diamond Mines will follow.

SAT 7/14 (thru SAT 7/28)

"Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead"
at Mary O'Malley Park, Commandant’s Way, Chelsea Waterfront

Alternating Bilingual Nights:
English: Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday
Spanish: Friday, Sunday
The movie was rather funny in an absurd way, so I can imagine the source play should be even better.

The titular characters were two minor players in Shakespeare's "Hamlet" who do play an important part in serving the overall plot despite their short appearances. The premise of this play is "What were Rosencrantz and Guildenstern doing?"

Tonight's show is performed in English, and it will be more difficult to follow along on Sunday when it's performed *en Espanol*.

The #111 bus may be your best bet for an adventure in free theatre on the other side of the Tobin. (They recommend bringing lawn chairs or blankets -- I sat on the grass.)

SAT 7/14

"Ghosts with Shit Jobs": Screening & Discussion
at Room 250, Bldg 10, 222 Memorial Dr, Cambridge (MIT Campus)

Pre-film panel: Jim Munroe (writer/producer), Andrew Plotkin (Zarf), Randall Munroe (XKCD)

Post-film Q&A: Anthony Cortese (producer), Jim Munroe, Sean Lerner (actor, "Oscar the Digital Janitor") and other cast & crew

A dystopian sci-fi flick about the collapse of the US economy won't be the feel-good hit of the summer. In this alternate universe of the near future China has foreclosed on America, and we're stuck doing new and strange menial labor for our masters in the East simply to subsist.

There's a lot of dark humor in what is presented as a documentary.

SAT 7/14

Tokyo Tramps
at Cantina La Mexicana, 247 Washington St, Somerville (Union Sq

A blues trio of ex-pat Japanese are playing at a Mexican restaurant -- need I say more?

FYI: Cantina La Mexicana is the closest approximation of authentic Los Angeles taqueria food I've had in Boston.

SAT 7/14

Boston League of Women Wrestlers (Midnight), Black Thai (11pm), The Humanoids (10pm), 13 Billion Years (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

The BLOWW might be considered 'sports entertainment' similar to the WWE, except there won't be any 12-year-olds around as the campy characters are flying around the mats at a rock club. Yes, the matches appear predetermined, but it's still entertaining. To get the blood pumping The Humanoids unleash classic punk-metal, and Black Thai bring the metal in big sludgy riffs.

SAT 7/14

9pm to 1am
"Official Bastille Day Party 2012"
at Cyclorama, Boston Center for the Arts, 539 Tremont St, Boston (South End)
FREE / 21+

Feat: DJ Jean Michel

The French Consulate is hosting the 'official party' which might recreate a French disco. The DJ grew up in the South of France and regularly spins in NYC and Miami; he supposedly loves disco and funk.

I'm not sure if there's going to be anything more that's especially French. (Maybe projections of Jerry Lewis movies?)

SAT 7/14

19th Annual Bastille Day A-Go-Go
at Precinct, 70 Union Square Somerville, MA
$10-ish / 21+


As a companion to the annual Mardis Gras shows, Shaun "Wolf" Wortis and his cohorts (aka the Legendary Vudu Krewe, a group of veteran Boston players) celebrate French independence as they might in New Orleans -- with a big, old-time R&B show with a bunch of guest singers.

I've been to at least one Bastille Day A-Go-Go, and it's a blast of funky fifties tunes. Switching things up for a little bit, they'll perform a mini-set pervy Parisian pop poet of the past Serge Gainsbourg.

SAT 7/14

Tallahassee, The Milkman's Union, The Days Weight
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 21+

If you don't go to the show, and you even remotely like rootsy rock, do yourself and listen to Tallahassee's album "Jealous Hands"; it's the kind of recording that soothes your soul from beginning to end. The frontman did play professional football for a while, but it's much better for his health to write and sing as well as he does.

As much as I instantly loved Tallahassee, I struggle to get The Milkman's Union. For some reason, their quirky twang from Maine hasn't penetrated my system. Maybe I'm a simpleton and prefer the straightforward alt-country of The Days Weight.

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