Friday, July 13, 2012

SAT 7/14: Water Gun Battle

Friday's cheapness is below. Check the CTB calendar for the upcoming week.


SAT 7/14

Water Gun 2012: "See Something, Spray Something"
Location: To be announced at Midnight

It looks like it's not too late to register for Banditos Misteriosos' 5th annual Water Gun Fight.

There is a different theme every year, and participants will be split up according to the 4 main colors of the MBTA: Red Line, Green Line, Orange Line, and Blue Line.

Hundreds usually show up at the location the Banditos will send you. It's usually at a location where water is available for refills, but they say it's not at the Esplanade.

In the past, some of the suggested supplies have included:

- A water gun of your choice (some bring more than one).
- At least 2 FILLED two-liter bottles
- A back-pack to hold water bottles
- Clothing in the color of your train line
"Bonus points will be awarded to participants who dress up in T-related costumes (points will be distributed in the form of water)."

Why not cool off with a giant crowd of strangers dousing you in good clean fun?

Remember to NOT be an asshole to people that aren't participating.


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