Wednesday, January 30, 2008

WED 1/30: Half-Off Hip Sneaks (w/ Update!)

(Inside the store)
11am to 6pm
Sneaker Sample Sale
at Bodega, 6 Clearway St, Boston (Back Bay)
50% off

I had to check this place out when I heard about it. Even knowing there was a secret door to the real shop, I was a little hesitant. When I gave the convenience store cashier a confused look, I was actually close enough to open the sliding door. I'd never pay anywhere close to what they charge for the T-shirts, but some of the shoes didn't seem overpriced.

I saw on Yelp that they were having a sale on their sample pairs of sneakers, and it looks like an annual event. Monday was 30% off, Tuesday was 40% off, and any of these shoes that be left will be 50% off today. Who knows -- those orange and purple Pumas might be your size...

Their website is useless, but you can join their mailing list and hear about stuff in the future. I recommend checking it out, if you're near Berklee or the Christian Science Center.

Update: Apparently all of you didn't run down there. Of course, how could you run down there without stylish foot wear...? The sale has been continued through Friday.
THUR 1/31: 60% off
FRI 2/1: 70% off
5pm to 6pm on Friday: "All you can carry for $150"
Sounds like the have a few pairs left... (Yes, it does pay to be on the mailing list.)

(See the secret door/vending machine?)

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