Saturday, September 19, 2009

9/19: Block Party -- Update!

1pm to 9pm
Block Party on the Greene
at Greene Rose Heritage Park, 238 Broadway St, Cambridge (Kendall Sq)
$5 / 21+

Feat: Will Dailey & the Rivals, The Wandas, The Honors, Cocked N' Loaded, King Bacchus, The Cretins, It's From the Sky, Lindsey Starr & the Chemical Smiles, DJs Roguewaves & Randy Deshaies

This may not be big on the radar, but it's the coolest event of the weekend on this side of the Charles.

Some really good bands were supposed to play in a semi-hidden park last weekend, and most of them have rescheduled.

As I was doing a Sunday post, I get an email with the updated schedule:

2pm -- DJ Randy Deshaies
3pm -- Will Dailey
4pm -- theWANDAS
5pm -- DJ Roguewaves
6pm -- The Honors
7pm -- King Bacchus
8pm -- Cocked'n'Loaded
I was hoping to hit the Freedom Rally and catch Will Dailey and The Wandas, but I think it can still happen. You do whatever you like!

If you get there early enough, you might get a free beer. Varieties of Harpoon and Sam Adams, etc will be for sale...

Yes, in a park... in Cambridge... without a paper bag...


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