Wednesday, September 16, 2009

WED 9/16: Tech Party, Discussions, Rock

The Teenage Eyes, tonight at O'Briens
There's a good mix tonight. I wish I could go to all of them but will likely lay on the futon with a blanket over me. Don't fret -- I will live to rock another day!

I have a feeling you can still text to get into tomorrow's Polyphonic Spree show. I suspect the text message with entry cod will be sent around 8pm tonight.

Maybe you didn't RSVP for tonight's Japanese comedy screening at Coolidge Corner, but "Ong Bak 2" is having a free screening on FRI 9/18 in Somerville.

Oh, yeah... And I was also going to mention tomorrow's bocce tournament (for those who can pass as a "young professional") that requires registration.


WED 9/16

4:30pm to 7:30pm
"New Scientist" Tech Square Block Party 2.0
at Technology Square Courtyard, 500 Technology Sq, Cambridge (Kendall Sq)
FREE / 21+

A couple friends went to last year's party, and they had a good time. There is free food... free beer & wine... as well as plenty of tech-minded people. You might even get a goodie bag with chances to put other prizes in it from science pub trivia, etc. (Don't forget a copy of "New Scientist" magazine!)

All indications of a pleasant after-work experience, especially if you're already on that side of the river.

You don't have to register, but it wouldn't hurt. Give it a try to use a shorter line to get in (and you'll be entered into a raffle).

WED 9/16

"Iran: War...Or Peace?": Discussion
at JFK Forum, 79 JFK St, Cambridge (Kennedy School of Govt)

Iran will continue to be an international trouble-maker for the forseeable future, and there seems to be no easy solution.

The panel includes Elliot Abrams (spent time in Reagan & Bush 43 administrations, was mixed up in Iran-Contra) and Karim Sadjadpour (Iran analyst with Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, born in Iran), so there will likely be some differing viewpoints.

It should be an arena with thoughtful analysis, with Ambassador R. Nicholas Burns as moderator (Under-Secretary of State in last administration, but a longtime diplomat).

WED 9/16

Philosophy Cafe: "The Problem of Pain: Does It Have to Hurt So Much?"
at Harvard Book Store, Lower Level, 1256 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
$3 suggested donation

I'm listing this in hopes that it might help someone in some kind of pain...

Life often seems an unnecessarily harsh proposition. Couldn’t we get along just as well without subjective feelings of intense suffering, whether physical or psychological?

In building artificial intelligence, couldn’t we design a system that seeks to survive, but has no capacity for pain? Or is there a necessary connection between survival and suffering?

Answers to such questions bear on the nature of consciousness and the ethics of creating artificial minds.

No credentials or expertises needed to participate. Donation is to cover the cost of coffee, tea and cookies.
The usual format begins with a brief introduction of the topic, then about 45 minutes of moderated discussion. After a 15-minute coffee break, the group will muse, question, theorize, and contemplate for another 45 minutes.

Personally, I found much relief to my existential angst in "Man's Search for Meaning" by Dr Viktor Frankl...

WED 9/16

Double Nines, The Diamond Mines, The Teenage Eyes, The Culprit Policy
at O'Brien's, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$7 / 21+

Sometimes a band does nothing spectacular except make a joyous sound, and that's exceptional. Somehow I started doubting why I was enjoying The Teenage Eyes, a motley bunch from Memphis who slap together a fun, mod-ish jangle of soul and rock. It makes me bob and sway, so it has to be good!

Although The Diamond Mines seem to be horn-less these days in a streamlined trio, the songs are still catchy tales of love for the space age. Hear them as their unadorned, electrifying "core of rock".

Wow, Double Nines blast away through loud and fast rock without pretension. After I did a little digging, it made more sense: Guitarist-singer Kevin Rheault and bassist Ben Karnavas play in play in other bands, but both have spent time as roadies with the Dropkick Murphys. Yes, that would be Dropkicks guitarist Tim Brennan behind the drum kit.

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