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FRI 1/8: Art, Film, Dance, Music

From Katatonic photo exhibit
Ay carumba... What a bad blogger I am!

But I'm on the verge of getting better, folks. Really!


FRI 1/8 & SAT 1/9

Noon to 7pm
FlexiB, "Drawing Disappearance"
at MEME Gallery, 55 Norfolk St, Cambridge (Central Sq)

I posted some pix yesterday. As mentioned on Monday, the wall is sanded every night to start with new art on top of the 'ghosts of art past'.

Stop by if you're in Central Square. It's really close, and it's small enough to see everything and chat with the artist in about 15 minutes.

FRI 1/8

10am to 9pm
"Free Film Fridays"
at Mugar Omni Theater, Museum of Science, 1 Science Park, Boston

Who doesn't love a free IMAX movie? Someone recently gave me a pair of passes to the Aquarium's theatre, and I loved the 60 or so minutes of whales and dolphins.

Here's the tip about this free presentation that happens every Friday this month: Pick up the tickets as early as possible. A lot people know about this promotion, and a lot of people just visit the Museum in general. When I tried to go in September, the next 2 screenings were already sold out. I passed, but I guess I could've waited at a bar in East Cambridge or Beacon Hill...

The schedule varies, but these are today's times:

"Antarctica" -- 11am, 6pm, 7pm
"Amazon" -- Noon, 1pm
"Coral Reef Adventure" -- 2pm, 3pm
"The Greatest Places" -- 4pm, 5pm
"Adrenaline Rush: The Science of Risk" -- 8pm, 9pm
I think you get the topics covered from the titles...

FRI 1/8

6pm, 7pm, 8pm
"Movement at the Mills"
at Mills Gallery, Boston Center for the Arts, 551 Tremont St, Boston (South End)

Feat: Mariah Steele, Screech to a Stop, White Box Project

I don't know how this wouldn't entertain anyone, at least for a little while. The three dance groups perform at the same time in different areas of the gallery. (In my recollection, there are at least 3 discrete spaces.) The idea is to walk around and check out the different groups, so the performers and audience are both moving. If you want to leave, it will be easy to seem like you're walking to another performance or going out for a smoke...

Scroll down to see some photos of the previous performance.

FRI 1/8

7pm to 9:30pm
"Katatonic": Closing Reception & Joey Ramone Reading
at Wiesner Student Art Gallery, 2nd Floor, 84 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT campus)

Almost anything Ramones-related is worthy of attention in my book. There is a new book called, "I Slept with Joey Ramone," written by Mickey Leigh (Joey's brother) and Legs McNeil (co-founder of Punk magazine).

Both are supposed to appear for a 'reading' at this closing reception for this photography exhibit of musicians. I'd be willing to bet (and hoping) that Mickey and Legs might just talk about Joey. (You can read a brief interview of the two.)

I'd like to think that the festivities will include "free refreshments"...

FRI 1/8

7pm to 10:30pm
Golden Bloom, Brendan Boogie, Nate Rogers
at Arts at The Armory Cafe, 191 Highland Ave, Somerville (Spring Hill)

The cafe at the Armory building is starting the new year with a bunch of cool shows. If you don't catch three excellent powerpoppers going solo and acoustic tonight, there's the most famous T singer who allegedly had relations with Kurt Cobain tomorrow night.

Last year's Golden Bloom album was definitely one of the best things I heard in 2009. Shawn Fogel is stripping it down but the songs are fantastic. Although these former Scamper guys front separate bands these days, I guess Brendan Boogie and Nate Rogers are A) still friends or B) thinking this will be a good spot for a surprise fight.

FRI 1/8

8:30pm to 11:30pm
Preacher Jack
at Bull McCabe's Pub, 366 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)

Seriously, folks. Preacher Jack is an original, and there's a special energy about him whether or not he's behind the keyboard. He's been playing and singing his gospel-fueled rockabilly/boogie-woogie like he's been doing since the 50's. He's definitely a special guy with his long hair and white beard, and I think he's fascinating to listen to. Everyone should hear the Preacher testify.

FRI 1/8

Ketman, Reverse, Bacchus King, Tired Old Bones
at Middle East - Upstairs, 472 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$9 / 18+

Oh, boy. Lots of ferocious tuneage and heavy riffage. When I first heard Reverse, I remember thinking that it seemed like metal that had some swing to it -- maybe a bit like QoTSA. They seemed to have changed over time, but it looks like they're down to a lean trio again, so I'm looking forwad to getting back to that higher plane. Bacchus King gets heavy in a similar way that I'd associate with getting high in the desert for some reason, and I like it. I also dig Ketman's skronky post-punk and Tired Old Bones.

FRI 1/8 to SUN 1/17

Various Times
Boston Festival of Films from Iran
at Remis Auditorium, Museum of Fine Arts, 465 Huntington Ave, Boston (The Fens)
$10 / $8 students, seniors

Although I haven't lately given much space to the various 'film festivals' at the MFA, Iran may be on the cusp of exciting changes, and the films are usually amazing.

The opening film is "Shirin" (8pm) directed by Abbas Kiarostami who may be the greatest Iranian filmmaker. I don't know if a slow pan of 114 women (including Juliette Binoche) watching a movie is a good intro to Persian film, but Kiarostami has probably made something beautiful to watch.

The Saturday screening of "An Iranian Odyssey: Mossadegh, Oil, and the 1953 CIA Coup" (7pm) should be enlightening to those interested, espcially since director Maziar Bahari will be in attendance for post-screening discussion. Bahari is also a journalist who was recently imprisoned in Iran for his reporting (including appearing on "The Daily Show").

("All films produced in Iran and in Persian with English subtitles unless otherwise noted.")


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