Friday, January 08, 2010

SUN 1/10: No Pants T Ride

Noon to 1:30pm-ish
No Pants! Subway Ride
Meet at Alewife T Station, approx 135 Alewife Brook Pkwy, Cambridge (Fresh Pond)

It was a little crazy when the trouserless T ride debuted in Boston. I went, and I felt that the fun was spoiled by the throng of press on top of people.

Maybe switching the date to Sunday will help, because people may want to watch the Pats game.

I get the feeling that most participants are annual diehards, but everyone is free to join. They're coordinating with MBTA to determine the meet-up location. It was at Alewife in the past; I assume they're thinking of somewhere else. Check Facebook or Twitter.

Update: It's going to be at Alewife again. Go have fun. It may not be subversive, but you'll catch most of the Pats game if you get there promptly.

The basic idea is to:

- Follow instructions about taking your pants off in between stations (and stash them in a backpack, etc).
- Act normally. Have a some fake answers ready to obvious questions.
- Take your pants off.
- Wear underwear.
- Not interact with the other pantless people.
- Keep your camera hidden/discreet, if you bring one.
- Listen to the police or other T employee, if they tell you to put your pants back on.
- Have some fun.
You can wear something fun but NOT "jokey".

PS: I also got an email from Jacob Wirth that said they're offering $1 hot dogs and cheap Bud Light drafts ($2.75 pints & $9.25 pitchers) from 11:30am to 6pm. Whether or not you're going for the ride, you could do worse to watch the game...

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