Friday, April 23, 2010

FRI 4/23: Film, Fire!, Music

Aw, yeah... The weekend is close that I can taste it.

And it tastes good!

"Jazz Week" starts today. Most of the gigs seem to be the usual things going on, but that doesn't mean you can't use this as a reason to hear live jazz or catch a jazz talk. The Harvard Playwrights' Festival is going on thru SUN 4/25, and it's free to see new plays.


FRI 4/23

Bike Movie Night: "Breaking Away"
at Curtis Hall Community Center, 20 South St, Jamaica Plain

In a week where there was a "bike porn night" and a "bike safety meeting", I thought it would be nice to mention a great movie that centers around a bunch of guys who love bicycling.

The event page suggests taking the #38 or #39 from Forest Hills, but it's not a far walk from Green St T.

Soda and popcorn will be available... Other bike movies in following weeks: "Klunkerz", "American Flyers", "Quicksilver"

FRI 4/23

Spring Iron Pour
at MassArt Courtyard, 621 Huntington Ave, Boston (The Fens)
FREE / All Ages

Feat: Bad Dream, Battle House, Abomination, Huddled Masses

My favorite part of the Iron Pour (pix above are from last year's Spring pour) is the fire and sparks and the molten metal. The bands play along to keep the mood trippy and cool. There are usually other folks playing with fire to keep things interesting while the kiln is heating up.

Note: Sparks do fly. You're probably won't need to "stop, drop, and roll"; but you can feel it if you stand near the front.

Walk around, and you'll find the courtyard to see some awesome stuff.


FRI 4/23 (thru WED 4/28)

Various Times
Independent Film Festival of Boston
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
at Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square, Somerville
Most $9

Unlike the recent Boston Underground Film Festival, the films at IFFBoston are likely to have screened at many of the major film festivals and have a good chance at getting a local theatrical release.

The documentaries are a wee bit more mainstream, and I always think are some of the best overall indie filmmaking just based on the lower budgets required. You might eventually see these films venue down the road, but why not see it now?

Most screenings are at the Somerville and the Brattle. Some take place at the ICA and Coolidge Corner on other days.

These are my "best bets" for tonight. Take a look at the schedule and see what interests you.


"Bass Ackwards" at Somerville Theatre

It seems like the almost plotless road movies in the mold of classic art-house films where interesting, funny moments with a guy driving a van across the country would be enough for a cool movie.
"The Parking Lot Movie" at Brattle Theatre

Much like "Bass Ackwards", I think a documentary about the various characters that work at a Virginia parking lot could be fascinating and funny.
"Lemmy" at Somerville Theatre

A buddy of mine in LA claims to occasionally hang out with the leader of Motorhead, and it sounds like he's just as crazy as you might think -- in his own weird, drunken way. (I'm curious if they will discuss Nazi memorabilia -- supposedly sent to him by fans.)
"American: The Bill Hicks Story" at Somerville Theatre

It's sad that a guy who is this funny and insightful -- and influential among other comedians -- would die of cancer in his early 30's.
FRI 4/23

7:30pm to 9:30pm
Cambridge Science Talks: "Big Ideas For Busy People"
At Northwest Building, 52 Oxford St, Cambridge (Harvard campus)

One of the first events of the Cambridge Science Festival is a series of 10 five-minute talks by smart people with five minutes for questions.

"Reception with speakers to follow."

FRI 4/23

Fred The Donkey, Pony, Chris Brokaw & Geoff Farina, Shepherdess

The Dangerous Brothers

at Toad, 1912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Porter Sq)

If you can fit in the club, there is a plethora of good music to be heard and an excellent selection of beer on tap.

Fred the Donkey seems to be a swingy-jazzy combo that includes Jesse Gallagher; I guess playing a gig with at Apollo Sunshine at PA's Lounge tonight ($12) isn't enough for the guy. Besides the indie-rock of Pony & Shepherdess, expect to hear some old-time blues form Brokaw & Farina.

You might as well stay for the rootsy goodness of The Dangerous Brothers. Christian McNeill, Jimmy Ryan, and Billy Beard regularly play at Toad either solo or in various combinations. It's should be a good night for good tunes and good playing while drinking good beer.

FRI 4/23

Banditas, The Woodrow Wilsons, Thundersun, Big Kitty
at Spectacle, 17 Edinboro St #3, Boston (Chinatown)

I guess this venue is someone's loft where they occasionally host mainly experimental music gigs.

It should be a mellow night of good songs. A weird folk/country duo from Chattanooga, Big Kitty, is in town; so it's a chance to see something that's not usually around town. Banditas give some easygoing rootsiness and female harmonies. I think I hear The Woodrow Wilsons using an interesting assortment of instruments besides the usual (i.e. banjo, ukulele, accordion, trombone) to make a pretty sweet neo-chamber-folk-rock thing.

John Funke of WMBR will also spin some tuneage throughout the night.

The info says, "BYOB". Nice...

FRI 4/23

Bootie Boston 2 Year Anniversary
at Good Life, 28 Kingston St, Boston (Downtown Crossing)

Happy anniversary, Bootie Boston. I guess people are still interested in mash-ups. For some reason, I'm more inclined to dance along to these kind of tracks. Maybe because they feel silly and ironic, which makes me feel more comfortable.

You might even see a Jack Sparrow impersonator...

FRI 4/23

Sodafrog, The Rationales
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
FREE-ish / maybe $5 / 21+

After laboring three years on this full-length, this is the second night to celebrate with Tom Janovitz of Sodafrog where a band will back him. When playing solo, there's a lot of emotion that's drawn out of the well-crafted songs; it will be cool to hear fuller arrangements closer to the recording.

The Rationales are going to do something acoustic.

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