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FRI 4/9: Much Music & Pee-Wee

I don't know why I can't focus today. It could be the coup in Kyrgyzstan... I heard that an asteroid almost (in astronomical terms) hit Earth yesterday... Maybe it was the scotch last night...

There are a couple all ages shows that look interesting. There's a (generally accurate) connotation that "all ages" means "under 21". I like to think that people of all ages are welcome.

Although it's a few bucks more than $10, I strongly encourage checking out the Ray Neades tribute shows tonight and tomorrow at Church. There are so many killer bands coming out to honor the passing of the Beefy DC singer, and the proceeds benefit his widow.

There's still time to win a trip to see the Dropkick Murphys in Dublin. Not a bad deal for a minimum donation of $10.

Saturday fun is on the calendar.


FRI 4/9

Freelance Whales: Performance & Signing
at Newbury Comics, 332 Newbury Street, Boston (Back Bay)

Didn't go to the Middle East last night? Before a gig at the coffeehouse at Brandeis, Freelance Whales do their folky indie-pop thing for a little while.

When I heard "Generator^1st Floor" by Freelance Whales, it did sound a bit like a giant, ancient creature swimming around a sun-glittered ocean. I dig the detailed arrangements with freewheeling vibe.

FRI 4/9 & SAT 4/10

Various Times
Record Hospital Fest 2010
$10 / $15 for both nights Suggested Donation / All ages / No Booze

A bunch of bands from New York and Pennsylvania as well as Ohio and Indiana are joining local bands. Don't fret the "no alcohol" -- there are nearby bars...

WHRB 95.3 presents... featuring the best acts from a wide range of diy-centric acts -pop punk, postpunk, punk, hardcore, posthardcore, etc
FRI 4/9
The Beets (11:10pm), German Measles (10:30pm), Pants Yell! (9:50pm), Arcing (9:10pm), Gerty Farish (8:30pm), General Interest (7:50pm), 1994! (7:10pm), Grown Ups (6:30pm)
at Harvard Advocate, 21 South St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
SAT 4/10
The Libyans (10pm), Nomos (9:20pm), The Men (8:40pm), Slasher Risk (8pm), Folded Shirt (7:20pm), Boyfriends (6:40pm), Confines (6pm)
at Democracy Center, 45 Mt Auburn, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
I think the music should finish about midnight and 11pm, respectively.

Even though you're not interested in going, the flyer made me giggle.

FRI 4/9

7pm to close
"A Tribute to Michael, Prince & Stevie"
at Game On, 82 Lansdowne St, Boston (Kenmore Sq)
FREE / $10 after 10pm

Not sure what's going to happen at this "tribute", but who doesn't like jams from Michael Jackson, Prince, or Stevie Wonder? It appears to have been organized by Haitian Brothers Networking Nationwide, and partial proceeds from this event will go to benefit Partners in Health. It would be nice to give a donation of some kind if you show up before 10pm.

The Sox are in Kansas City tonight, so one might be able to walk up to the bar with relative ease while watching the game.

I'm not sure if it's really a selling point, but Governor Patrick may show up between 7pm and 10pm.


FRI 4/9

High Places, Golden Girls, Truman Peyote
at Room N181, North Bldg, Evans Way at Huntington Ave, Boston (MassArt)
$9 / All Ages

When listening to the electronica of High Places and Truman Peyote, I'd probably lull and sway instead of dance if I went to the show. I regularly read about High Places, so they may be a big deal; from what I've heard, they have a dreamy pop vibe. As you might guess, Truman Peyote is a bit more experimental. To shake things up, Golden Girls will get loud and fast like the three young Worcester punks that they are.

Also appearing: DJ Pink Sweatshirt (TD of Big Digits)

[PDF campus map]

FRI 4/9

Varsity Drag, Tartufi, Soccer Mom
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$8 -- 21+ / $11 -- 18+

A pretty sweet show that makes it worth spending time at my least-favorite rock club.

I feel funny to say Varsity Drag sounds like Band X or Y, because the Varsity captain is Ben Deily of the original Lemonheads. He apparently wrote the songs that rocked (and that had balls) on the early albums, and he continues to write great songs with melodies and noise. Superb! (And reminds me of Husker Du...)
He even got together with Evan Dando for a gig at SXSW tast month [YouTube].

Kudos to the adventurous and ambitious Tartufi who have a really long bio on their site, but it's actually pretty interesting with lines like, "Tartufi sounds like The Firey Furnaces with more complex arrangements. Tartufi sounds like Philip Glass with balls." It is more complex and layered than you'd expect from a duo, but technology helps a lot. This is music I'd enjoy listening to with my arms crossed -- and loving it.

Soccer Mom gets the party started in a shoegazey cloud of rock.

FRI 4/9

Barrence Whitfield & The Monkey Hips
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass. Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$5 / 21+

Barrence Whitfield should be more widely known as the rock ' soul king of Boston. There are times when I get excited and exaggerate, but this man is amazing. With his mighty soulful singing, he should be in the pantheon of rock/r&b singers. He is something like a missing musical link that skipped from Little Richard directly to the Boston rock scene of the '80s. The Monkey Hips are a squad of rockin' dudes including a sax player.

(PS: It's free if you get there early enough...)

FRI 4/9

"Pee Wee's Big Adventure": Quote-Along
at Coolidge Corner Theatre, 290 Harvard St, Brookline

When I saw this film for the first time, I lost my voice from laughing so hard. This collaboration between Tim Burton and Pee-Wee Herman along with a spectacular cast shows Burton at his whimsical best.

Don't worry if you can't quote along. I'm sure there will be plenty of folks to handle it.

Bring your white platform shoes, so you can compete in the Pee-Wee dance competition to the boppin' little tune of "Tequila".

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