Saturday, April 24, 2010

SAT 4/24: Sheep, Sailing, Art, Film, Science, Music

Tunnel of Love at PA's Lounge
Not much different than the Sneak Peek, because I worked like a bee on fermented hops last night...

...who also tried to watch all three games. I noticed something:

Celtics + Sox + Bruins = 105
Opponents = 105
And we won two out of three... The Bruins are still going to take the series.


SAT 4/24 (and SUN 4/25)

10am to 5pm
Annual Sheepshearing Festival
at Gore Place, 52 Gore St, Waltham
$10 / FREE children 12 and under free (with adult)

This might be good for kids and those who feel young at heart. I'm fairly sure the sheep don't live here (anymore), so they're just showing up for the shearing. Other animals will be around too. Expect historic demonstrators, games, crafts fair, live entertainment, wagon rides, etc.

"Free parking. No dogs allowed."

SAT 4/24 (and SUN 4/25)

11am To 3pm
Sailing Open House
at Courageous Sailing, Charlestown Navy Yard

Enjoy a free sail on Boston Harbor, tour the facility, learn about our sailing programs. Free BBQ too. Discounts to be offered on lessons/memberships.

Whenever these sailing events start happening, it's good to remember to wear clothes that can get wet. Keep in mind it will feel colder on the boat.

SAT 4/24 (and SUN 4/25)

Noon to 6pm
North and West Cambridge Open Studios
around North and West Cambridge

Because there are too many dang artists, Cambridge split up the open studios in 3 parts. You'll find your friendly neighborhood creative types in various media "from Alewife and Fresh Pond, down to Porter and Harvard."

SAT 4/24 (and SUN 4/25)

11am to 6pm
First Annual Watertown/Belmont Open Studios
at Various Locations

The communities to the South and West of Cambridge don't want to be left out of the "open studio" action with about 50 artists. It may not be as walkable as the People's Republic, although multiple artists are displaying at locations like the Arsenal Center for the Arts and Belmont Art Gallery.

SAT 4/24 (thru SUN 4/25)

Various Times
Independent Film Festival of Boston
at Brattle Theatre, 40 Brattle St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)
at Somerville Theatre, 55 Davis Square, Somerville
Most $9

Of the local film festivals, IFF Boston may be your best chance at seeing something cool that's also really independent. The Boston Film Festival often screens movies that are probably going to be released in at least a few theaters. The Boston Underground Film Festival is mainly comprised of weird yet interesting films that push the envelope but don't have much of a chance of success.

Check the schedule. I like the looks of these today:

"Bananas!*" at Somerville Theatre

Dole Food looks really bad in this documentary about a lawsuit brought by Nicaraguan banana workers who were sterilized (yes, sterilized!) due to a banned pesticide. "Power to the people!"
"I Am Love" at Somerville Theatre

Tilda Swinton is living in Italy as the wife of a rich guy, and romantic drama ensues. Italy is beautiful, Swinton is beautiful (and a remarkable actress), and the cinematography is dipped in honey or something.
"Do It Again" at Somerville Theatre

Boston Globe music writer Geoff Edgers tries to reunite The Kinks for one more gig and hangs out with famous musicians along the way.
"Life During Wartime" at Somerville Theatre

Director Todd Solondz always makes fascinating films ("Welcome to the Dollhouse", "Happiness"). His new film is something of a sequel of "Happiness" with different actors playing the characters and living in slight connection to the old story. And Pee-Wee Herman (Paul Reubens, really) is in it.
"The Good, The Bad, The Weird" at Brattle Theatre

A Korean* spaghetti western? Sold!

* with English subtitles
SAT 4/24 to SUN 5/2

Various Times
Cambridge Science Festival
At Various Locations

The free Saturday stuff is happening at the MIT Museum where it's free admission (10am to 5pm) and at Carnival-Cambridge Public Library (the new one next to the old one on Broadway) with demonstrations/activities from noon to 4pm including:
"Exploring Robotics Engineering", "Fun with Food", "Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Making", "Recycling: Where's That Stuff Go?", "GreenFest Solar Workshop", "Bottled Water vs Tap Water", "Microwilderness of the Boston Harbor Islands", and more
SAT 4/24

Josh Lederman & The CSAR's
at Plough & Stars, 912 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

It's true: I've spent a few Saturdays hanging out at the Plough on a Saturday afternoon, and Josh Lederman has often been there with the "Cambridge-Somerville All-Stars" to encourage me with their Americana drinkin' music.

They're probably going to finish no later than 5:30pm, since Greg Ginn (ex-Black Flag) is going to play jazz-rock jam band stuff at 6pm.

SAT 4/24

7pm to 1am
Boston Underground Summit II
at The Temple (above City Feed), 670 Centre St, Jamaica Plain
$10 / All Ages

Feat: Prince Rama of Ayodhya, Viva Viva, Ski Mask, Quilt, Truman Peyote, The Scamps, Big Big Bucks, Theory Engine, Young Adults, Lord Jeff

It would be cool if there were more shows like Boston Underground Summit (previously in September). There's need to wait for the bands to take down and set up their equipment, when multiple 'stages' could be set up around a room where they each play songs in a round-robin style. It's a twisted assortment of artists, and that's half the fun.

It's a pretty new music space, so feel extra hip if you go...

SAT 4/24

"Dhoom 2010"
at La Sala de Puerto Rico, Stratton Center, 84 Mass Ave, Cambridge (MIT campus)
$2 before 10pm / $5 after 10pm / FREE for MIT Students

There may not be so many people at this Bollywood-themed dance party for you to hide in the crowd. If you're feeling ballsy, you're probably going to have a great time. Until you learn the steps, just lift your arms and pretend to unscrew (and/or screw) light bulbs.

Free Indian snacks, ID required for cash bar.


SAT 4/24

Tunnel of Love, Black Clouds, Anita Fix & Bam Bam, Reports, Maine Coons
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$10 / 21+

Tunnel of Love is a trio of shirtless, slashing rock 'n roll wildmen with David Johansen/NY Dolls haircuts who don't seem to play often. Besides stripping down to striped long-johns, Tunnel of Love strips the thrashing garage-rock down to a guitar and a couple drums. No nonsense.

There's not a lot of screwing around on this bill. Black Clouds may peel your face with punchy noise -- in a good way. Anita Fix & Bam Bam bring up the Pittsburgh-style psychedelia. Reports and Maine Coons rip up indie-rawk. Good times.

SAT 4/24

Mystery Roar, Big Digits, w/ DJs Die Young, Volvox, Baltimoroder, Foxy Action Group
at Great Scott, 1222 Comm Ave, Allston
$10 / 21+

After several tries to get into Mystery Roar because other people rave about the band, I don't think a modern disco group is going to win me over. I do enjoy Big Digits; they used to be more hip-hop, but I think it's still an electro shambles that will win you over when they're jumping around the room.

I'm not completely on board with Mystery Roar yet, but I acknowledge they got a good electro/rock thing going on.

DJ's will get the crowd undulating and such...

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