Friday, March 04, 2011

FRI 3/4: Art, Theatre, Opera, Rock

Are we ready for the weekend? My mind is ready like a boy scout. My cheap list... not so much, but I think I'll be there later tonight...


FRI 3/4

5pm to 9pm
First Friday Open Studios
at SoWa Arts Bldg, 450 Harrison Ave, Boston (South End)

Since I mentioned the cool-looking contraptions at Boston Sculptor's Gallery earlier, this has to be on the list.

Unless you actually spend a full 4 hours, it's doubtful that you'd get to all of the approx. 50 artist studios, just enjoy whatever you see. Talk to some creative people... Maybe have some wine and cheese...

Not a bad start to the weekend.

Go in a direction or pick a floor or just wander around until you see something you like through the open door. (Say "hi" to CTB reader Sally, if you got to her studio.)

FRI 3/4 (thru SAT 3/19)

Various Times
"Bear Patrol"
at Boston Playwrights Theatre, 949 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)
$8 / $4 students

Thursday thru Saturday -- 7:30pm
Sunday -- 5pm
Late Nite Friday & Saturday -- 10pm for $4.

From what I can gather, this seems to be a post-apocalyptic, beats-heavy, Boston-based take on a "Wizard of Oz" road tale that examines the bonds of family and friendship.

Playwright John J. King said:

I wanted to do a show that was a blast for the audience. When I read the novel of the Wizard of Oz, I kept finding strange connections to Boston, and it’s been fun to create this tour of our city thru the eyes and narrative-arc of a story we all know and love. The familiarity of the tale and setting, I hope, will give the audience a lot to connect to and laugh at.
Ain't it great that we can affordably see wild & crazy theater?

This show "runs 90 minutes", and is "not appropriate for children under 16."

FRI 3/4 (and SAT 3/5)

Various Times
at Zack Box Theatre, Downstairs, 8 The Fenway, Boston (Boston Conservatory)

Friday -- 8pm
Saturday -- 7pm

Yeah, this is a student production -- at a performing arts school. I'm guessing a lot of these theatre kids must feel really passionate about this musical about a decadent era in Berlin.

Note: Last time I tried to see something at the Zack Box, I was turned away. So think about getting there early if you want to get in.

FRI 3/4 (thru SAT 3/5)

"The Four-Note Opera"
at Plaza Theatre, Boston Center for Arts, 539 Tremont Street, Boston (South End)

Also Saturday -- 3pm

Ain't it great that we can see wild & crazy opera for free?

Yes, there are only 4 notes in the one-act opera -- it's how the notes are put togther in this avant-garde offering that examines what it's like to sing an opera.

Tickets may be reserved in advance by email by including your name, phone number, requested performance date and time, and number of seats requested.

Oh, I missed a dance performance at the BCA's Mills Gallery tonight from 6pm to 9pm. So you could add a little something to your avant-garde opera experience.

FRI 3/4

The Figgs (Midnight), Watts (11pm), Tim McCoy & the Papercuts (10pm), Corin Ashley Rock Band (9pm)
at Precinct, 70 Union Sq, Somerville (Union Sq)
$10 / 21+

I've said it before: The Figgs are one of the great American rock 'n roll bands.

I'll forever love the powerpop of my first Figgs CD, "Sucking in Stereo", but their greatness comes from expanding into soul, roots, etc and still making it sound like The Figgs kicking ass and taking names.

The show begins with another of my favorites Corin Ashley who used to rip it up with The Pills and has been mainly doing Beatlesque solo things since that band folded. Even if they don't start at 9pm, I'd get there on time.

In between are two solid, rocking bands.

"The kind folks from Pabst Blue Ribbon will be on hand to pass out some free swag."

FRI 3/4

Peelander-Z (11pm), Starscream (10pm), Tijuana Sweetheart (9pm)
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 18+

You may not know it, but you might need a dose of quirky "Japanese Action Comic Punk" fun. Your remedy has arrived from Peelander planet in the form of three guys dressed in wacky outfits who go crazy while dancing, wrestling, and human bowling...

The nasty, hard-rocking punk of Tijuana Sweetheart is quite a spectale in their own all-female way. I don't know if they'll play their song "Fuck the Kells", but I like to think they helped close that place down. Kudos to them!

FRI 3/4

Three Day Threshold
at Tommy Doyle's, 96 Winthrop St, Cambridge (Harvard Sq)

You can't go wrong on a Friday night with Three Day Threshold. The weekend should be considered the natural habitat for honky-tonkin', hard-drinkin', globe-trottin' USO-entertainin' dudes.

If your head hurts tomorrow and you wake up with a slight feeling of regret, then you've had a good time.

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