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SAT 3/26: Film, Rock, Dr Who, Karaoke

Alas you will enjoy some this fun while I eat, drink and be merry in the Granite State. I will live free, return to Mass, then die eventually.


SAT 3/26 (thru THUR 3/31)

Various Times
13th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival
at Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge
$10 / $8 w/ student ID

Boston hosts a handful of independent/underground film festivals. BUFF offers some movies that are on the cusp of art-house cinema distribution and some that are just too far out. I've seen some shorts and trailers in the past, and there's a lot of good filmmaking even if the production values aren't as slick as you're accustomed to.

Today's Schedule:

12:15pm -- "OMFG LMAO!"
12:30pm -- "Illustrated Oddities"
2:15pm -- "Psychedelicinema"
2:30pm -- "Frankie in Blunderland"
4:30pm -- "The Corridor"
5pm -- "Where the Music’s At"
7pm -- "Luster"
7:15pm -- "A Horrible Way to Die"
9pm -- "Cold Fish"
9:15pm -- "Chop"
10pm -- Kaiju Karaoke Party
11:55pm -- "Profane"
11:55pm -- "Helldriver"
So many shorts, so little time.

In 70 minutes, "OMFG LMFAO!" could bring days of chuckling over something bizarre from this shorts program. Does the title mean they are already online? Isn't it easier to have them presented while you sit there motionless?

Maybe you're in the mood for something animated realm ("Illustrated Oddities") or maybe a handful of WTF experimental vignettes ("Psychedelicinema").

Cool music videos don't need a TV channel to exist and BUFF's annual survey includes clips from Yeasayer, Best Coast, Animal Collective, Major Lazer, Amanda Palmer, Ad Frank, Twin Shadow, an unofficial premiere from Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling, and more.

Of the feature-lengths, I think I'd check out "Frankie in Blunderland" or "The Corridor". Of course there is some violence in both, stories seem to be given space as well -- be it bizarre quest or supernatural phenomena.

There are a couple Japanese flicks tonight -- a serial killer drama and a zombie party -- or you could hang out at The Friendly Toast for the Kaiju Karaoke Party.

Maybe "Chop" will have horror/cult staying power, but it's not my type of movie. The director may be in attendance tonight.

The US premiere of "Profane" has potential as story that includes BDSM and Islamic mythology. If this was Denmark, there might be trouble…

SAT 3/26

"Boston Rocks for Japan": Show #2
at TT the Bear's Place, 10 Brookline St, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

Feat: Muck & the Mires, Tokyo Tramps, This Blue Heaven, The Daily Pravda, Keith Pierce & Friends, Ryan Lee Crosby, Leesa & Travis, Davina Yannetty, Dirty Bombs

Dude, everyone of these acts are excellent. Go, listen, and don't feel bad about watching a movie at home tonight.

I was reading an awesome piece about how we should assist Japanese disaster relief and where we should donate, and I hope these guys will read it or do some of this research. The bottom line is that this show sends our love and some aid to those who were devastated. (Am thinking about those in Burma, Ivory Coast, etc, etc too.)

SAT 3/26

3pm to 4:30pm
"Doctor Who: Starship of Madness"
at Urban Promise Church of Somerville, 204 Elm St, Somerville (Davis Sq)
$5 suggested donation

The Post-Meridian Radio Players debuted this original Doctor Who story at a science fiction convention earlier this year.

As a sci-fi/fantasy fan from way back, I admit there was a tingly feeling when I read about an adventure where the Doctor encounters HP Lovecraft.

Although this is performed as an old-fashioned radio play, I'm guessing the Doctor may wear a really long scarf on stage to appease the Tom Baker fans.

Your donation will support future productions of these wacky 'radio players'.

SAT 3/26

Bess Rogers, Rachel Platten
at Limelight Stage + Studios, 204 Tremont St, Boston (near Boston Common)
$7 / All Ages

I think they serve beer & wine (pricey when I last checked) at this karaoke joint. Pre-game or listen soberly to a couple of singer-songwriter types (with backing musicians) to benefit Music Unites, an educational organization.

I became aware of Bess Rogers last year and started following her Tumblr, so as much as I appreciated her well-written songs and strong performance, I sometimes think, "Oh, Bess, what a character..." I hope I'm not biased against Rachel Platten because she's a total hottie, but I like Bess' music better.

SAT 3/26

The Grownup Noise, Kingsley Flood, Spouse, Joe Fletcher & The Wrong Reasons
at Middle East - Downstairs, 480 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$10 / 18+

I feel like I've seen something like this before... I didn't listen to enough of Northampton's Spouse in the last year, and now this is probably the last time they'll perform their most tuneful rock in Cambridge.

It's the CD release show for The Grownup Noise, and they deserve some of your time. I think their new stuff is some of the best I've heard this year. There's a lot of cool things going on, and they know how to play while making you want to bob your head to let everyone know that you love music and don't care what others think.

Kingsley Flood surely made a load of new fans at SXSW last week. They kick out the jams in a way that make the rootsy Americana crowd go crazy without getting too twangy -- it's party music for the people that might want to eventually listen to the clever lyrics.

SAT 3/26

10pm to 2am
"Kaiju Karaoke"
at The Friendly Toast, 1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge

You don't have to watch one frame of independent cinema to have karaoke fun with Japanese monsters singing Neil Diamond. The party was organized by the Boston Underground Film Festival going on about a block away.

Admission does get you a drink ticket (probably for a sponsored vodka beverage) and some snacks. People who show up in kaiju gear will get prizes based on the intensity of the outfit.

There is so much to look at in the restaurant, but there will be additional visual stimulation.

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