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SUN 3/20: Ship, Parades, Music, Films, Stories

Yes, there are plurals on the list.

Maybe it'll be a nice day just to be outside...


SUN 3/20 (and MON 3/21)

Noon to 4pm
USS Ross: Tours
at Black Falcon Cruise Ship Terminal, 88 Black Falcon Ave, Boston (Seaport)

Monday: 10am to 4pm

Is a "destroyer" a "battleship", because this looks like one of the ships from the old game?

While they're in town for tomorrow's St Paddy's Parade, people can take tours of the ship on a first-come, first-served basis.

All visitors to the ship will be screened and are subject to search. No weapons, bags of any kind, or drinking containers will be allowed on board. Small purses and cameras will be permitted.

Visitors are welcome to photograph the exterior of the ship only. Photography of the interior is not permitted.
Other than that, don't touch anything!

SUN 3/20

1pm to 4:30pm
St. Patrick's Day Parade
from Broadway T Station to Andrews T Station, South Boston

It should be a large and festive crowd thanks to the good weather. Heck, it's a good crowd whether it's snowing or sunny.

The bars will be crowded, cops will probably keep a vigilant eye for red party cups, paraders are 'technically' not supposed to get drunk, but people still have fun. Maybe try something discreet like putting booze in another kind of bottle and drinking when no one's looking?

St Paddy's gets way more rowdy in the New World from every knowledgeable person I know. I've met Irish people that come to Boston to see our celebration. I've also seen mothers who are too busy getting drunk to pay attention to their kids.

If you want my suggestion, go to the end of the parade. Everyone's in good spirits by that time, and you could walk towards the beginning and look for a house party to infiltrate...

SUN 3/20

1st Alternative St. Patrick’s Day Parade
about Broadway T Station to Andrews T Station, South Boston

Stick around after the first parade passes by -- things may get a little more serious because some of the groups that have been prohibited from marching in the St Paddy's drunk-walk are marching anyway. The first parade isn't big enough to include messages of peace and equality.

The Veterans for Peace and Join the Impact MA, a gay rights group, are getting together to make a statement. It'll be interesting to see how drunk people response will be.

They will have to stay a mile away from the earlier event, and I bet they wouldn't mind if you wanted to march with them, a couple horn bands, and a duck boat. The meeting point is a couple blocks away from the Broadway T.

SUN 3/20

4th Annual Blastfest
at Cambridge YMCA Theater, 820 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)
$5 to $15 - Pay What You Can

Feat: Welcome Home, Peace Loving, Gracious Calamity, Jimmy Ambulance, Casey Rocheteau, Shai Erlichman, Brian S. Ellis, B. Law, The Needy Visions, Manners, Shira E., Emma N. Young, Chris North Dream Quartet, Morgan Shaker, Free Pizza, Avi Jacob, Gobby

The Whitehaus gang has expanded their out of Jamaica Plain to do some gigs in Maine, Vermont, Philly, and NYC. The biggest shindig is still this annual trip to Cambridge.

You could go to a house party in JP and hear some good tunes while people wonder who you are -- or sample the poetry and music over 3 hours in a public place in 10-minute mini-sets.

Other years have lasted 12 or 6 hours, but I can't imagine many people really sat there the whole time. At 3 hours, some people might still sneak out to the Cantab for a quick one.

Still it should be a stimulating evening of folk, rock, spoken-word, experimental music, and some stuff that wiggles through some of these descriptors.

You night even get a free PB&J sandwich, so think about that when you're paying on a sliding scale.

SUN 3/20

"A Taste of Iceland" Film Festival
at Kendall Square Cinema, One Kendall Square, Cambridge

Feat: "Children of Nature", "Mamma Gogo"

Director Fridrik Thor Fridriksson is a pride of Iceland. His 1991 film "Children of Nature" was a Oscar-nominated film that slowly, laconically meditated about life, death, love, and freedom.

Like the earlier film, "Mamma Gogo" is a tender, humorous autobiographical look about putting a parent into a nursing home. It might be interesting to see the parallels with 20 years between the films.

Get ready for beautiful Icelandic landscapes and English subtitles as suggestion to visit Iceland.

SUN 3/20

6:30pm to 9:30pm
Story Slam: "Down & Out"
at Milky Way Lounge/Bella Luna, 284 Amory St, Jamaica Plain (The Brewery Complex)

It kinda sucks that so many people have stories about tough times. On the other hand, I find that telling or hearing these kind of stories do provide some comfort and inspiration.

I assume it will be a random draw, as usual, where those selected should tell a true story for 5 minutes. The winner will move to the next round for a pretty nice prize (last year was a trip to Italy), so at least one person will leave happier.

Tonight's guest host Jeremy Phillips seems to be into developmental training, so maybe he'll offer everyone some words of constructive encouragement.

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