Wednesday, September 28, 2011

9/29: Free Cup of Coffee at 7-Eleven

Yep, Free Cup of Coffee at 7-Eleven7am to 11am
at participating 7-Eleven locations
FREE coffee/cappuccino/latte

Believe it or not, Thursday is National Coffee Day.

Almost every coffee drinker around here either sides with Dunks or Starbucks.

I occasionally run into a Honey Dew lover or someone who prefers Marylou's. McDonalds sells Newman's coffee, and I enjoy their New England commercials.

Thankfully there are plenty of independent coffee shops around. Keep an eye out -- or look here or here.

The only place I've heard about that's giving away a free cup of dark, magical wake-up juice is 7-Eleven.

As long as they have medium-size cups, you can get a FREE hot coffee or cappuccino or latte.

There are about 200 locations participating in New England. (I assume that's all of them...)

While 7-Eleven probably isn't the first choice for most people, maybe you should take that free cup of joe and close your eyes. Taste it objectively to see if you'd pay for it.

Don't they deserve the chance to win your business?

At least think of it as a nice try...

PS: Thursday & Friday cheapness can be found on the calendar.

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