Friday, March 27, 2009

FRI 3/27: Art, Music, Comedy

I only suggest things to do, but I see a stiff drink (or more) in my future.

More cheapness to come. (For example, did you know there are a fundraising pancake breakfasts in Brookline and Somerville tomorrow?)


FRI 3/27

6pm to 8pm
Yassy Goldie, "Holy GJYDhad!": Opening Reception
Michael Pope, "Neovoxer: An Experience on the Frontier of Filmmaking"
at Space 242, 242 E Berkeley St, 2nd Fl, Boston (South End)

Space 242 is a cool place to look at art because the free drinks are full-sized, which makes it feel like casual open studio (where people ignore you) rather than stuffy reception. GJYD stands for Golden Jasmine Yeti Dancers, and that's just a cool name. The art has a street feel (neon colors, cut&paste images), and it's supposed to be political/anarchistic/revolutionary. Have a drink or two and enjoy before you do something else on Friday. There is still probably time to RSVP. (Maybe because I show up late, but no one has ever stopped me at the door...)

FRI 3/27

6pm to 9pm
"PARSE: Visualizing Data That Makes Us Human": Opening Reception
at AXIOM gallery, Green Street T, ground floor level, about 150 Green St, Jamaica Plain

Feat: Martin Wattenberg & Fernanda Viegas, Jason Salavon, Ben Fry & Eugene Kuo, Jen Hall

What sounds interesting about this exhibit? The artists use and manipulate data to create. Data collected from human beings like REM patterns or DNA or erogenous zones... I think the relationship between data and life can be fascinating especially since data collection is reaching absurd levels.

FRI 3/27

3rd Annual Alt. Country Extravaganza -- Day One
at Church, 69 Kilmarnock St, Boston (Fenway)
$10 / 21+

Wheelers & Dealers (11:30pm), Rev Bob And The Darkness (10:45pm), Dearborn Valley (10pm), Patrick Dunn (9:15pm), Bryan Pero & The Tired Horses (8:30pm), Kingsley Flood (7:45pm), The Rationales (7pm)

After the first year when it was one very long show, it's a 2-night affair with so many of the really good Alt-Country/Americana bands that play around town. All of them have a different sound, but the musical camaraderie is evident. Don't ignore the early bands either: Kingsley Flood and The Rationales are excellent. I did a little digging; while Wheelers & Dealers don't have a web presence, I think the singer/guitarist is the owner of Looney Tunes in Back Bay.

FRI 3/27

Union Square Round Table " Born Again": 2nd Anniversary
at PA's Lounge, 345 Somerville Ave, Somerville (Union Sq)
$10 -- 21+ / $13 -- 18+

Possible performers: Chris Braiotta, Nick Branigan, Steven Derocher, Marian Didio, Keira Horowitz, Caitlin Roy, TD Sidell

Unlike most months, there's no theme except being funny, singing songs, and doing other cool stuff. Eugene Mirman is a favorite comedian of mine who usually appears. He was in town with John Wesley Harding last night, so he'll probably be there. Both the Round Table and last night's Cabinet of Wonders have a similar song/comedy/spoken-word variety format. This is half the price.

I wonder who "Will the Magician" is. (Wouldn't it be awesome John Wesley Harding?) If not, he'll probably do a couple magic tricks. And Broken River Prophet is still an excellent musical guest.

FRI 3/27

Steve Brodsky, Jim Healey, Keith Pierce & Jess Collins, Darryl Sheppard, Bridget Nault
at O'Brien's Pub, 3 Harvard St, Allston
$8 / 21+

Some of the heaviest, hard-rocking folks in town (Cave-In, We're All Gonna Die, Hydronaut, Buried in Leather, Hackman, Roadsaw, etc) are showing off their acoustic chops for a different kind of intense performance. Anytime Steve Brodsky plays, good music will be in the room. Some pix from a show last year with much of the same lineup.

FRI 3/27

Shea Rose
at Alchemist Lounge, 435 S Huntington Ave, Jamaica Plain

This woman is damn impressive, and she can play! Shea Rose hits funk and rock and folk equally well with sexy, soulful power and fine restraint when called for.

FRI 3/27

Joanna Chapman-Smith
at Middle East - Corner, 480 Mass Ave, Cambridge (Central Sq)

When I see acts play the "corner" (the stage right by the window), there's usually a mixed level of attention that leans towards inattention as you might expect. I do have a soft spot for Canadians (esp. my relatives up North), but I think people might pay attention to Joanna Chapman-Smith's performance. It was the recording's jazzy keyboards that first grabbed me, but the voice and songs sound great.

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