Tuesday, March 24, 2009

TUES 3/24: Beer, Cocktails, Mandolins, Classical, Film Fest

I know you'd like to see these things before now. I'm about to check off one of my to-do items and put a public Google calendar this evening, which will have some bare info on future cheapness.


TUES 3/24

"Beer Club"
at Jacob Wirth Restaurant, 31 Stuart St, Boston (Theater District)

Update: Beer Club is full tonight.

It's the first "Beer Club" of the year. Friends have told me there's basically no catch. You call to RSVP (617-338-8586), and then you enjoy free drinks and snacks in a sectioned off part of the restaurant. There's even some prizes. I might call to see if they have space and check this out myself...

There's a different brewery that's "featured" every month. Tonight's beer partner is Long Trail Brewing, and I've enjoyed every beer I've tried from these folks.

Think about signing up for the mailing list, because who knows if I'll list it every time...

TUES 3/24

6pm to 9pm
Opus Affair
at Drink, 348 Congress St, Boston (Fort Point/Seaport)
FREE (whatever you drink, etc)

Someone told me about this cocktail group for "young professionals" that are interested in arts and culture. If you're in your 20's or 30's -- or if you're a "young 40" -- then this is a chance to meet other people that are into opera, ballet, art, music, etc. It's not moderated; people just gather around for conversation.

This is one of THE places in town for great cocktails. You could try some excellent drink for around $10, chat a bit, then head out... Order whatever you want, but you should think about a cocktail if you're going.

TUES 3/24

Berklee Mandolin Mashup
Feat: Eric Robertson, Dominick Leslie, Greg Allison, David Goldenberg
at David Friend Recital Hall, 921 Boylston St, Boston (Berklee / Back Bay)

Mandolins can play any kind of music (ask Jimmy Ryan!), but it's so associated with bluegrass in this country. I admit it: I think I hear the ghost of Earl Monroe even when these guys are playing jazz or classical music. The tunes should span the spectrum as the players are joined by bass, guitar, and violin.

It must take some cajones (and a thirst for knowledge) to study at Berklee with the mandolin as your primary instrument. They are obviously all excellent players. If you hear about a hot mandolinist in the next few years, it'll probably be one of these four guys.

TUES 3/24

Bach Competition Winners
at CFA Concert Hall, 855 Comm Ave, Boston (BU campus)

I didn't do any research on this, but this is probably going to be a lot of cello and keyboard pieces from really good students. Johann S. Bach wrote some beautiful stuff and is one of the giants of music for a reason. If you meet a hottie at the Opus Affair above, suggest leaving for some real music. I'm guessing they'll be impressed...

TUES 3/24

Various Times
Boston Underground Film Festival
at Kendall Square Cinema, 1 Kendall Sq, Cambridge (Kendall Sq, duh)
$8 (per show)

Cool and weird cinema is alive and well out there. This is one of the weeks that it gets projected in the Boston area. If I were going to see something tonight, I'd try one of the three later movies, but the shorts program are always a good bet.

5:30pm -- "Blood River"
5:45pm -- "BUFF Family Values"
7:30pm -- "Illustrated Oddities"
7:45pm -- "The Rock-afire Explosion" w/ "Davy Crockett In Outer Space"
9:30pm -- "Watch Out" w/ "Rebel"
9:45pm -- "Morris County" w/ "Bluff Point"

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